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  1. admin

    thanks for the feedback enjoy the process
    stay in the private
    don’t poke the bear

  2. admin

    there is no address or specific documents – yet
    there are a number of “theories” on those but not guaranteed.

    Some have success, some do not. Knowledge and who applies it and who receives it creates variables, unfortunately.

    Claim your private status and then ensue to act accordingly is key in all situations you want to be “in the private”.

  3. admin

    It is another project (sheesh!)
    Overlapping ideas but different angle, more interactive, hopefully.
    private-person.com will remain.

  4. teddy

    hi, new to this site!
    very excited to learn more as this is in line with everything i have been learning about for some years…..as much as i have been operating in the private for most of my life i am interested to know more about being recognized by law as a private person!
    very interesting indeed!
    thanks for sharing so freely

  5. Carol

    Where can I get the address and documents to apply for a common law I’d with NSEA. Thanks

  6. Darren Walker

    Helo p-p! Are you in the midst of a new website launch right now?
    Will Reclaim the Law be the new home to direct people to?

  7. Wayne

    Issue of corruption needs to be addressed & actions needs to be taken place & damask the public corruption & abuse of authority & broken laws’ use of citizens to target for criminal investigation of illegal guidelines & hidden agendas & abuse of laws starts with us.

  8. Thomas Noble

    Than you for having me. I am looking to learn all I can .

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