1. Hope For Justice – Do Common Law Courts Exist?


Do Common Law Courts Exist?

Hope For Justice is a workshop series that explores the idea and the evidence that there are in fact two different courts in British Columbia (and every common law jurisdiction).

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19 thoughts on “1. Hope For Justice – Do Common Law Courts Exist?”

  1. Free Member is free – there are two courses that have a requested donation but the rest of the material is accessible to Free Members. I have added access to the Hope For Justice – Do Common Law Courts Exist? course – which requires one to enroll but it is free. Some people have been having issues with the enrollment process.

  2. is there a fee for private memberships?
    I am logged in as a free member. I was trying too access the webinar and it said my usuer name is already used

  3. Hello admin,
    Please add me manually as i have tried twice to log in to this course but it stays on this page.
    Many thanks

  4. I can’t access anything either I have signed up several times and still can only access the main “Do common law courts exist” page. Quite frustrating. Please help.

  5. manually added
    – check your email for confirmation
    – use your existing login for website
    – each section of course is available every 3 days
    – enjoy

  6. After you register as a Member you must also register for each course – with the same user name/email.
    I’ve manually added the course access to your account.
    Login to your Member account and you will have access now.

  7. Ive done your instructions a few times and the course won’t come up. thanks anyway

  8. Hi jd:
    I missed the sign-up for action takers and wish to be added.
    Great webinar last week, as always!

  9. You need to be a Free Member, signed-in to your account and enrol to gain access to the course.

    If you are a Free Member and logged in you will see the enroll form at the bottom of this page. If you are not signed in as a Member you will not see the enrolment form.

    Once you enrol for the course you need to be logged in to your Member account to view the course modules.

  10. You must be a private member and you need to enroll to gain access (the enrolment form above is visible to private members).

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