‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes


how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘human being’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘private person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘natural person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘man’ ?

Why would the lawmakers and draftsmen use one term over the other…at certain times….?

hmmmm… good question?

The previous post and video triggered a question from a reader which triggered me to ask the above question. Unlike many people (who have better things to do) I went looking for the answer – it’s called first hand, hard, grinding research (thank you internet and search tools).

What I found, after having a look, was shocking and raised more questions with some surprising possibilities…check out the video:

  • ‘human’ related to marriage and animal acts

  • ‘man’ related to marriage, army and navy acts

  • ‘private person’ related to property acts

  • ‘natural person’ related to insurance, banking, multiple acts and recognition that natural person has inherent rights, powers, privileges

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Bankers Being Arrested?

Has the sh** hit the fan FINALLY?

Are the real criminals being arrested and hopefully, stripped of their ill gotten wealth before they go to jail for a long time?

Check out some reports here…

Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria

Sign petition on Avaaz – UK: Banksters behind bars – http://www.avaaz.org/en/bankers_behind_bars_g/

The rest of the story:
1. Take Action And Put Bankers Behind Bars. LIBOR and more “In Your Face” Bankers Crimes – http://youtu.be/KkWrssQoNKA
3. 600+ AND COUNTING WORLDWIDE BANKERS RESIGNATIONS – The Rats Are Jumping Ship (3) – http://youtu.be/wjaJRYQ5Bec

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Tyranny an Overview

There is so much going on these days. For those awake it can be a scary time…but change is coming. Wake up your friends, wake up your neighbours, the proof is clear and obvious that corruption rules political, policing, corporate and legal structures.

BUT each one of those structures exists and runs because of the efforts of ordinary, everyday people. When they understand what they are a really part of, what their efforts support and that they do have the power to stop participating, watch out.

No fireworks, no violence just a withdrawal. Stand up. Get off your knees and choose to serve peace and true justice. Not fake justice practiced from olden times where the amoral claim Continue reading Tyranny an Overview

Banking Gone Bad

The history of the rise and fall of civilizations has been often directly related to money and banking….over and over again.

Understanding the history of banking and how money works in an economy are powerful steps to getting free of a losing proposition. Get a quick history and money/credit lesson from these excellent videos.

So much of today’s news is focused on the open corruption of the banking system and the pending collapse of many countries economies.

Studying the history of banking helps to understand how we got here, how to solve the problem and how to not arrive here again. But you know how people hate to learn history…to their ultimate peril, don’t be one of those. It really is interesting, empowering and helpful to know.

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Show Me the Money, CAFR

How much are you worth?

Take your assets and subtract your debts to get your net worth. Simple.

You have debt, you have assets and you have income.

If all you did was talk about your debt it could get depressing, you might live in fear of the debt ruining your life…but you have to forget about your assets and your income to live in fear.

Governments tell “their” citizens every day about the “National Debt” and how you “own” “your share” of the national debt. Fear mongering and waving their hands to distract you from the whole story.

Do they ever tell you about the government assets that you ALSO have a share in?

Do they ever tell you about the pubic income that you own a share of as well?

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