US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

gavel+moneyIn what I would call a confirmation of the law, not a NEW ruling, the US Supreme Court One lays down the law for all to see, and USE if you choose.

One of the BIG legal fantasies promoted by governments and officials is the idea of officials’ having ‘immunity’ from prosecution and no liability… so they are not held liable for their corrupt and illegal actions.

Don’t buy the LIE.

Judges are liable, cops are liable, corporate officers are liable, ANY official is liable… when:

1. if they perform any actions while in office, not defined by their office, or

2. actions that are defined by their office but are done in BAD faith or

3. the actions taken are illegal by nature.

Any actions that they take NOT defined by their office or illegal by their nature are considered to have been done outside of their office therefore done in their private capacity and therefore they are fully liable, in their private capacity, without any protections of their office.

Unfortunately this lie of ‘immunity’ is also repeated unknowingly by people, again and again, who have a real case against government officials and therefore do not pursue very valid claims.

A recent US Supreme Court decision clarified and confirmed that the government and their agents can be held liable and accountable for wrongdoing carried out by officials in its employment while on the job. Continue reading US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

keep-calm-cause-i-m-better-than-youI can hear the wails of patriots/freedom folk “I’m not a person, and you can’t make me!”.

That seems only fair, if you consider that “Her Majesty The Queen in right of British Columbia” (HMTQiroBC), aka the “Crown” aka “the government” is not a person and we should not HAVE TO BE if we are all free and equal.

Wait a second. I thought HMTQiroBC was a legal person, with legal status otherwise how can….??

Hmmm. Really?

Well if one were to read the Crown Proceeding Act [RSBC 1996] Chapter 89 one might discover that there within is admission that HMTQirotPoBC is NOT a person….although they will act as if HMTQiroBC were a person for certain purposes.

Go figure.

I was chatting with a Crown prosecutor to find out the level of ignorance and poor training and I was not disappointed. The tax matter at hand which was in dispute was summarized as “Her Majesty may disagree”.

I’m really a bit confused as to who these “Crown prosecutors” really represent in court Continue reading If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

know-your-rights-organizatiThese two news stories caught my eye for different reasons. We have had a spate of violent police actions and no-accountability for that violence by police in Canada.

Local police and RCMP regularly get off for their violent crimes, yes violent crimes. Anyone can see the videos of these events and KNOW they are violent crimes under the guise of police authority, police safely. It’s obvious to ANY non-biased observer the officers have over reacted and in most cases police escalate the situation instead of trying to de-escalate a relatively non-threatening one.

I fear for my personal safety now if I ever have contact with police. In Canada you say? Yep. Crazy.

The second story is a police feel good story that puts the public’s expectation of police brutality into context in a really bizarre way.

From tasering people to death (multiple cases), filling people full of lead (recently in Vancouver and Toronto-including a final bullet to the back of the head execution style), using excessive force to detain someone who is peaceful or demonstrators being attacked – this list goes on and on and it’s disgusting.

These violent acts continue because the hierarchy of the police force and the political will Continue reading It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity

sue-emThe laws are intended in part to act as a deterrent to criminal acts. But laws lose all deterrent effect if the criminal-wanna-be KNOWS that no one knows the law AND/OR the law will never be enforced against them.

Such is the dilemma we find our sad selves in now with the police, lawyers, politicians, public servants and more. “They” have operated SO LONG with impunity because no one enforced the rules against them that they are literally in a criminal free-for-all.

Like misbehaving children with guns they need a time out, be grounded and in some cases spanked. This applies to every “public/civil servant” who does wrong…. including those who do not report their fellow workers who are engaging in rules breaking and criminal acts. You are an accomplis if you do not actively speak out to help stop it. You are the first, best witness to the crimes and your silence binds you to the guilt for the crimes.

The “superiors” who encourage lawless behaviour by not acting to enforce the internal policies and rules, never mind the rule of law, carry the greatest burdon of guilt and responsibility because your actions CAN stop such behaviour, but you choose not to. Your inaction actually encourages more lawless behaviour by your charges.

So it falls to the private citizen to Continue reading Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity

Winning in SCBC on Obstruction Conviction at Provincial Court

North Vancouver jaywalker wins in B.C. Supreme Court

YAY. One for the little guy. Persistence and…. doing it without a lawyer.

NOTE: he was convicted at Provincial Court, appealed and WON at the Supreme Court of B.C.

NOTE: he was convicted of “obstruction” NOT jaywalking (refused to give his “residential” address).

NOTE: he was convicted with a lawyer representing him in Provincial Court and he WON all by himself without a lawyer at the Supreme Court of B.C..

NOTE: convicting him took 2 trial days, not mention numerous pre-trial hears I’m sure.

NOTE: he had previously won a case against the West Vancouver Police and awarded

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Local Hero, Rory

Hey! Look! Someone taking action and practicing what he preaches!


Guess what his YouTube user name is?  IPracticeWhatIPreach

Watch his videos and you will see in fact he is a man of his word. He’s been through some shit, stood toe to toe with “the man”, faced down RCMP harassment and successfully had charges against him stayed. Congrats!

Watch his videos to see his first hand accounts. Not all people on YouTube are showing the live events as they occur, then the step by step legal consequences to Continue reading Local Hero, Rory

You are free to video police

Well, well, well. The blindingly obvious has been confirmed by the courts in the US of A …..over and over again.

Consider for a moment that video cameras capture your every move on the roads, in stores and on the sidewalks as you go about your PRIVATE business (or is it private????).

BUT the police in MANY jurisdictions threaten, abuse and arrest private citizens who happen to video record the police in action while they publicly abuse a private citizen’s body and rights.

Whether a punch, or kick to the head , or multiple tasers shots to their innocent victim or the ultimate in disgusting police brutality… a fatal shot in the back of man laying on the ground, video recording of police in action has helped bring to light the MASSIVE amount of violence against unarmed, non-violent citizens by “law enforcement” personnel.

I HIGHLY support honest, responsible officers performing their public duty Continue reading You are free to video police