Staying Private…Yes You Can

Here is a good video covering the idea of maintaining your privacy.


Glenn previously did a trust workshop and a webinar preview to discuss the idea of using a trust for your property you can view it here…

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Video Surveillance INSIDE BC Schools?

Smile, your kids are under constant video surveillance IN school, or might be soon if a new bill passes in BC.

BC Civil Liberties Association reports that they are taking the issue on to try and stop it from becoming law.

BCCLA Opposes Bill for More School Video Surveillance

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Offshore No More?

The idea to move your private assets to offshore banks has been taking a beating lately. Thanks to 9/11 (again) new “money laundering/terrorist funding” banking laws take over international banking.

It seems that banks are being harassed to sign agreements stating they will share the private info on their account holders all in the name of anti-terrorism (hmmm).

The latest is Panama. It had become a favourite off shore location, until now.

It seems that they are being “forced” to change their banking laws to meet the demands of Organisation for Economic Co- operation (OECD) or face being blacklisted by international banks, thereby being unable to send and receive wire transfer (making it a long walk your money).

These are really just new tax laws, making it harder to avoid taxes (not evade).

One article recommends getting your money out of your accounts and closing them BEFORE the new laws take effect.


If you still have an account after the new laws come into effect your info is subject to disclosure and a transfer or closure after could trigger “suspicious transaction” inquires.

I think the off shore thing is overblown and a great game that lawyers and off shore specialist play, even the tax man has fun with it (consider it a job creation program).

How about staying on shore with a private bank account. It’s possible.

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