An Overview of the Power of Symbols

Below is a short video to introduce a few ideas about the power of symbols but there is so much to say that this is just a brief intro to a number of ideas about various symbols that greatly impact our lives.

Flags, coat of arms, numbers, words, your true name, what is your signature and more.

I look for connections in ideas to explain principles that are in play. Often when you see something it seems innocent, but in context of other things it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if what you are seeing was created with a specific intent, purpose, message that you may not have been aware of before.

Each area covered in the video is a large area of study on its own. This is not Continue reading An Overview of the Power of Symbols

FaceBook: Invade Your Own Privacy

There are three main reasons why your privacy should be important to you:

1. criminal elements can steal your identity and wipe you out financially

2. corrupt government employees or agencies who seek to control or threaten you

3. your private life is no one’s business unless you make it so

These three reasons are not new, they are and have always been the greatest reasons to protect your own privacy. Did you know it is Continue reading FaceBook: Invade Your Own Privacy

Systemized Fraud?

Give it or else! Or else WHAT?

Your own privacy is an issue that you need to to responsible for and sometimes its tough to maintain when the banks, corporations, government agencies all claim that your private information must be provided to them.

The question is: must it be provided?

Most will tell you its mandatory, some will say its their policy in both cases Continue reading Systemized Fraud?

Trust Us, We Are From The Government

There’s a theme this week, it seems.

Ideas, evidence, conclusions about why you have to take responsibility for your privacy in order to protect yourself from those who would imply, intimidate, deceive or coerce you into providing your private info that you are under no obligation to provide.

Now why would anyone act in such a way? What will they gain by it?

If you trust they have good intent, nothing much it seems. BUT if you are wise to the ways of the world and history, you will question their intent because there is plenty of evidence that their intent is not honest, and is potentially harmful to you.

I’m probably “preaching to the choir” here but here’s a great summary that should reenforce your present understanding, or lay the foundations. Either way it’s a good reminder. Continue reading Trust Us, We Are From The Government

Private Web Surfing

One key to maintaining your privacy is to leave no trail of paper or digital imprint. Websurfing is a minefield of date traces left on the websites you visit and also leaves a trail on your computer.

If you value your websurfing privacy you need to know a few things.

Almost every website tracks your visit and leaves at least one digital “cookie” in your computer. It’s not all bad there are some vaild reasons for doing so and like all data it’s what bad things that can be done with it by thrid parties that is the concern.

So, how to surf privately?

There are few services that will help you surf privately, not allowing your web ID to be captured by the sites you visit and allowing no cookies to be planted into your computer. (you can also flush all cookies put into your computer by your websurfing, check your browser options).

A free “proxy” service is available from Startpage You can watch an overview of the problem, and their service, here:

Another service is Pagewash, although both sites DO collect data for their use, they prevent it from being collected by sites that you visit from their site. Read their Privacy Policys for the specifics:

Can You Record Your Own Conversations?

There is an ongoing confusion about whether or not you are “allowed” to audio record or video record your own conversations with other people.

Fundamentally you should be able to do it without breaking any laws. Some jurisdictions have laws claiming to prohibit such acts. I believe there is no question that yes you can, if you are a party to the interaction being recorded.. The real questions become what do you do with it and who are the other parties.

Here is a case from B.C. which deals with a true eavesdropping scenario: Continue reading Can You Record Your Own Conversations?