There are three main reasons why your privacy should be important to you:

1. criminal elements can steal your identity and wipe you out financially

2. corrupt government employees or agencies who seek to control or threaten you

3. your private life is no one’s business unless you make it so

These three reasons are not new, they are and have always been the greatest reasons to protect your own privacy. Did you know it is YOUR JOB to protect your privacy? Common law jurisdictions have inherent privacy rights, civil law jurisdictions less so.

If you are on FaceBook you may be waving your right to privacy in ways you have never thought of. Once you make something public by posting it online, you can never again claim it is private because YOU made it PUBLIC.

Don’t expose yourself:

Governments have ALWAYS been the greatest threat to citizens rights and privacy and they continue to be so. Some say there is no more privacy so don’t even try! Its a trap laid by those folks who want you to voluntarily waive your rights so they can profit and take advantage of it.

Consider this satirical look at FaceBook privacy, its food for thought. Its not about being paranoid, its about knowing your rights and responsibilities and being smart. You get to choose….

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