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Enough is known about the way the present legal, banking and governmental systems work to start taking action. Are you up for it?

If playing Dungeons and Dragons, video games, extreme sports or joining the military to get your thrills has FINALLY ceased to be of interest because you KNOW that those games are only distractions for the REAL game of life… achieving your personal freedom…then now is the time to get serious and take action.

What kind of action?

Peaceful, responsible, standing in the truth, strength and action with honour.

That’s right, the type of action most people run screaming from.

Are you still here?

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Karl Lentz and Common Law Claims

common_lawThe main focus of this website has been to investigate and share info on ‘common law’ and ‘private person’ status in common law. I was recently introduced to another fellow sharing his research and actual in court application stories about common law.

Many folks teach theories they have never applied, that’s my first test to see how credible the theory is. Karl Lentz speaks of his many applications and court experience with common law.

My personal journey REALLY hit high gear when I took someone else’s research and applied it BEFORE I fully understood the legal basis or the potential consequences. I suggest people study, understand and get the full story BEFORE they commit to actions that may lead to extended legal hassles and more.

Some theories are great and they do work….sorta…then “they” change tactic and ignore it next time waiting to see if you know what to do next. No next step? You lose.

I cover the “next step” in the course 3- H4J: Your Complaint IS Their Restraint – learn how to make your claim properly to hold them to account and get remedy but it was missing a final piece…

When I came across a video of Karl Lentz in the UK speaking about his research, understanding and application of the common law and making common law claims I liked what I heard and it fit very well with what I had been researching, sharing here and seeing in my court processes first hand.

I’ll be presenting my understanding of what Karl’s process Continue reading Karl Lentz and Common Law Claims

‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes


how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘human being’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘private person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘natural person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘man’ ?

Why would the lawmakers and draftsmen use one term over the other…at certain times….?

hmmmm… good question?

The previous post and video triggered a question from a reader which triggered me to ask the above question. Unlike many people (who have better things to do) I went looking for the answer – it’s called first hand, hard, grinding research (thank you internet and search tools).

What I found, after having a look, was shocking and raised more questions with some surprising possibilities…check out the video:

  • ‘human’ related to marriage and animal acts

  • ‘man’ related to marriage, army and navy acts

  • ‘private person’ related to property acts

  • ‘natural person’ related to insurance, banking, multiple acts and recognition that natural person has inherent rights, powers, privileges

Hopefully you will ask yourself some questions and take your first hand research and Continue reading ‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes

Bijural Terminology Shows the Recognition of ‘common law’ and ‘private person’

Do you want “proof” that common law is alive and well in Canada?

Do you want to see how ‘person’, ‘private person” and ‘natural person’ are different and how they are used differently and the ‘private person’ is your powerful status in common law where your rights lay waiting for you to claim?

Click here to view a short video covering more key info and examples of ‘private person’ and  ‘common law’.

For more detail and information:

Check out out Intro to video and “The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ webinar

Links from the video: Continue reading Bijural Terminology Shows the Recognition of ‘common law’ and ‘private person’

OMG – Private Person in USA Laws

omgBeing in Canada made my research Canada centric but also I studied much USA law and cases EXCEPT for the concept of private person in US law. Watch the short video below for proof of private person here, there and everywhere in US law BUT very specific and different areas compared to natural person.

Based on a few recent comments here on the blog I ventured to a search engine and typed in the magic phrase “us law” to find some US law sites, then on a couple of different websites on their internal search boxes I typed in the magic phrase “private person” (in quotes to eliminate private and person on the same page but not together).

I know this is going fast and it’s very technical but I hope you can reproduce this masterpiece of complex research on your own (sarcasm).

Do your own searches for “private person” on your local jurisdictions law websites and see what you come up with. The results might surprise you – especially if you keep in mind searches for “natural person” usually produce far more results.

How many people do you know who have ever referred to, taught or looked for “private person” in law? I suggest you take a look for “private person” in your local laws.

Here are few pages I found in under 2 minutes. Continue reading OMG – Private Person in USA Laws

Webinar: The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

New overview introductory webinar to cover the key concepts and principles of what is a private person and why private person is a status in law you just might want to claim for yourself, …. Feedback from webinar attendees- Wonderful and clear – Tim H.

Very well presented. You made it very easy to understand. Thank you very much. Excellent. – Patricia A.

Webinar at bottom of page….

Follow up webinar:


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This Continue reading Webinar: The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity

sue-emThe laws are intended in part to act as a deterrent to criminal acts. But laws lose all deterrent effect if the criminal-wanna-be KNOWS that no one knows the law AND/OR the law will never be enforced against them.

Such is the dilemma we find our sad selves in now with the police, lawyers, politicians, public servants and more. “They” have operated SO LONG with impunity because no one enforced the rules against them that they are literally in a criminal free-for-all.

Like misbehaving children with guns they need a time out, be grounded and in some cases spanked. This applies to every “public/civil servant” who does wrong…. including those who do not report their fellow workers who are engaging in rules breaking and criminal acts. You are an accomplis if you do not actively speak out to help stop it. You are the first, best witness to the crimes and your silence binds you to the guilt for the crimes.

The “superiors” who encourage lawless behaviour by not acting to enforce the internal policies and rules, never mind the rule of law, carry the greatest burdon of guilt and responsibility because your actions CAN stop such behaviour, but you choose not to. Your inaction actually encourages more lawless behaviour by your charges.

So it falls to the private citizen to Continue reading Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity