Standing Strong in Court Webinar

Be Prepared for Going Into the Lion’s Den

I’ve been talking with a number of people who are preparing for attending court. I’m getting tired of repeating myself, although going through it over and over helps me clarify, refine and simplify the issues and processes, as I see them, so it’s all good.

Online webinar….

If I can, I want to help those who are prepping for court and who haven’t had direct access to my brain (although the Hope For Justice Course is pretty close and if you haven’t watched it yet you are missing out big time, it’s free for Members).  I know that talking to others, who had more experience than me, was a huge, helpful factor in my court adventures.

So here’s the deal, for Members ONLY  (Become a Free Member)….a live webinar where I will review my perspectives on: Continue reading Standing Strong in Court Webinar

Who Owns Your Body?

Do you have the right to control and determine what you do with your body?

The Canadian legal system says absolutely not, unless we give you permission by not making it illegal.

You can’t put many substances into your body because they’ve been criminalized. Sure it may be stupid to put some stuff into your body, but does that mean that being stupid has been criminalized? Or is it a case of parens patrie where the government has determined you are incapable of caring for yourself therefore they will do it for you?

Let’s side step the stupid factor for a moment and focus on herbs and vitamins. That’s right, those not dangerous, never harmed anyone roots, leaves, liquids and ointments that help people heal without resorting to the legal kind of “you-must-be-ill-informed-to-take-that-poison” kind of drug (there goes my objectivity!).

It seems the war on drugs is selective and has extended to “natural” products (ignoring the billion dollar pharma industry that kills millions, legally). This has been going on for years but has reached SWAT team proportions Continue reading Who Owns Your Body?