Live Q+A Nov. 9, 2022 : Law For Mankind

Are you in yet? A free to attend Q+A call…

The session was November 9, 2022…replay link HERE.

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You were introduced to Law for Mankind course and here is your chance to be on a live Q+A call to hear the latest questions answered and maybe… ask your own too.

Here are 5 of the most burning questions that will be asked (and answered!) tomorrow…

  • Q: How do I reclaim my strawman or access my bond!?
  • Q: Can I legally and lawfully opt out of taxes?
  • Q: Regarding my mortgage, what options do I have?
  • Q: Will this work in court? If so, what percentage of the time has it worked?
  • Q: Can I build without permits… and if so, how??

Questions answered directly by Greg or Jon.

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Download a couple of their free PDF booklets:


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