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Part of keeping public servants and other “officers” accountable REQUIRES the unhappy/harmed man or woman speaking up when you are treated improperly via:

  1. administrative complaints for official record and internal investigation and hopefully correction,
  2. common law claims for damage and remedy to you
  3. criminal complaint for punishment and deterrent

All three steps are available and required to keep public servants and other “officers” accountable. Failure to use these legal, lawful and recognized processes invites wrongdoers to continue their wrongful actions.

We all have a duty to “keep the peace” which includes reporting and acting as a witness against wrongdoers.

We cover the first two steps here on David-Kevin: Lindsay covers the third step. I encourage everyone to understand the principles and process of laying criminal charges as well.

As reported here on this website “the system” tends to not charge, or undercharge, “system folks” and seriously overcharge and stack charges against “non-system folks”. It is obvious, repeated and wrong.

Understanding how you can pursue criminal charges is an important final step in “scaring straight” the wrongdoers inside “the system”.

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Here’s the Info on Dave’s workshop and webinar broadcast:

Hi everyone.

Due to repeated requests, we’ve decided to do our next event as a live worldwide Webinar from Victoria, British Columbia.

Many people have suffered injustices and been victims of criminal offences, some as a result of crime in society and others, as a result of ongoing and systemic criminal activity within governments, the police and the court system.

On Saturday, May 31, 2014, live from Victoria, British Columbia, C.L.E.A.R. and We Are Change Victoria are presenting David-Kevin: Lindsay speaking on the entire procedure on how to lay criminal charges anywhere in Canada – and your right to do so!  With 20 years experience, David is one of the foremost freedom activists to demonstrate how you can lay your own criminal charges against anyone who has committed a criminal offence, or even against a provincial statute – no matter where in Canada you live!

And you need not be the victim to do this!  If you or someone you know have information that someone has broken the law, especially in any level of government, we have everything you need to know to get it into court and hold these people accountable.  Especially when the police refuse to do anything.

If you are working in any level of government and know of criminal activity taking place, this is information that you can use to lay charges yourself, or pass the information you have confidentially to outside sources whom they can lay their own charges using your evidence! It is your duty to report all criminal activity.


  • The nature of criminal law
  • Classification of criminal offences
  • Examples of how to word your charges
  • How to file  charges & what forms to use
  • How to respond if you encounter any problems
  • How to prepare to lay your charges
  • How to present your case to the pre-inquiry judge
  • Discussion on recent changes to the Criminal Code
  • How to lay charges if you don’t know the name
  • When you can release your evidence publicly

and much, much more!!!

Offences are crimes against everyone. Don’t be the victim any longer.

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David-Kevin: Lindsay

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