Bank of Canada vs The Private Banks

Hey, you.

Ya you!

Did you know that Canada could create it’s own money, interest free, but instead it goes to the private banks and borrows money… with compound interest?

That’s right. HUH?

Hey you. Ya you. I’ll give you a choice. Think hard now!

  1. I’ll loan you a million dollars at 0% interest or,
  2. you go to the bank and borrow a million dollars at 6% interest (owing them $60,000 in interest after 1 year and over$700,000 in interest alone, after 10 years).
  3. Now think about borrowing a BILLION dollars with interest (or $500 billion)

I think everyone in their “right mind” would take a ZERO interest loan. Well, the key words must be “right mind” then because our politicians all choose to go the pay-interest-to-private-banks method of funding Canada.

We all knew something was seriously wrong with politics, now do we know for sure?

“THEY” go to the private banks and create an amazing, incredible, mind boggling debt and WE have to suffer, work, worry and pay for it???? REALLY?

My “fair share” of the debt????

They borrowed it. It’s THEIR debt, THEIR interest, not mine.

Odious debt. It’s a thing. Google it.

Here’s a great movie which outlines the issue very well. It wanders off on to other topics from time to time, but explains the situation and remedy quite well.

What’s this got to do with privacy you say? If you know why the government and banks are so dedicated to getting into your private life you might give more credence to being more protective of your privacy. Here’s a big clue that something isn’t right in our country.

Tell your friends. Yes, really. This movie was available in 2010. 10 years ago. Anything changed?

Oh yes, and there was a serious court action (2019) suing the government for not using the Bank of Canada as designed…it got shut down by the courts. The end or just the first kick at the can?

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