Karl Lentz – B.C. Common Law Workshop

sheep-wolf-memeKarl Lentz is making another trip to the great white north and will be teaching common law workshop in B.C., June 21-22, 2014 in (get this) in Winlaw B.C. (is that name JUST coincidence, win law – get it!).

I’m working with a number of people who are actively using administrative complaints and common law claims in three provinces so far (in combination, which is explained in the course H4J: your Complaint IS Their Restraint). A number are in process and before the courts real soon. Results so far… interesting.

Karl made an across Canada tour just a couple of months ago with mixed feedback but everyone is interested in this weird idea of… common law. Gee whiz kids, you mean the foundation of law in Canada and the provinces (except Quebec)?

If you’re new to the idea of common law being a real thing that still operates here, you should check out Hope For Justice: Do Common Law Courts Exist? where an ACTUAL common law trial and all the pre-trial shenanigans are covered in step-by-step detail.

Many folks have trouble following Karl’s teaching and some of the teaching seems contradictory at times. Well I think so to.

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Laying Criminal Charges Course

The Criminal Charging Procedure in CanadaCLEAR

Live Workshop and Webinar Broadcast

Download FLYER: CLEAR May 31, 2014  Workshop + Webinar on laying criminal charges

Part of keeping public servants and other “officers” accountable REQUIRES the unhappy/harmed man or woman speaking up when you are treated improperly via:

  1. administrative complaints for official record and internal investigation and hopefully correction,
  2. common law claims for damage and remedy to you
  3. criminal complaint for punishment and deterrent

All three steps are available and required to keep public servants and other “officers” accountable. Failure to use these legal, lawful and recognized processes invites wrongdoers to continue their wrongful actions.

We all have a duty to “keep the peace” which includes reporting and acting as a witness against wrongdoers.

We cover the first two steps here on private-person.com David-Kevin: Lindsay covers the third step. I encourage everyone to understand the principles and process of laying criminal charges as well.

As reported here on this website “the system” tends to not charge, or undercharge, “system Continue reading Laying Criminal Charges Course

‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes


how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘human being’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘private person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘natural person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘man’ ?

Why would the lawmakers and draftsmen use one term over the other…at certain times….?

hmmmm… good question?

The previous post and video triggered a question from a reader which triggered me to ask the above question. Unlike many people (who have better things to do) I went looking for the answer – it’s called first hand, hard, grinding research (thank you internet and search tools).

What I found, after having a look, was shocking and raised more questions with some surprising possibilities…check out the video:

  • ‘human’ related to marriage and animal acts

  • ‘man’ related to marriage, army and navy acts

  • ‘private person’ related to property acts

  • ‘natural person’ related to insurance, banking, multiple acts and recognition that natural person has inherent rights, powers, privileges

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If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

keep-calm-cause-i-m-better-than-youI can hear the wails of patriots/freedom folk “I’m not a person, and you can’t make me!”.

That seems only fair, if you consider that “Her Majesty The Queen in right of British Columbia” (HMTQiroBC), aka the “Crown” aka “the government” is not a person and we should not HAVE TO BE if we are all free and equal.

Wait a second. I thought HMTQiroBC was a legal person, with legal status otherwise how can….??

Hmmm. Really?

Well if one were to read the Crown Proceeding Act [RSBC 1996] Chapter 89 one might discover that there within is admission that HMTQirotPoBC is NOT a person….although they will act as if HMTQiroBC were a person for certain purposes.

Go figure.

I was chatting with a Crown prosecutor to find out the level of ignorance and poor training and I was not disappointed. The tax matter at hand which was in dispute was summarized as “Her Majesty may disagree”.

I’m really a bit confused as to who these “Crown prosecutors” really represent in court Continue reading If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

OMG – Private Person in USA Laws

omgBeing in Canada made my research Canada centric but also I studied much USA law and cases EXCEPT for the concept of private person in US law. Watch the short video below for proof of private person here, there and everywhere in US law BUT very specific and different areas compared to natural person.

Based on a few recent comments here on the blog I ventured to a search engine and typed in the magic phrase “us law” to find some US law sites, then on a couple of different websites on their internal search boxes I typed in the magic phrase “private person” (in quotes to eliminate private and person on the same page but not together).

I know this is going fast and it’s very technical but I hope you can reproduce this masterpiece of complex research on your own (sarcasm).

Do your own searches for “private person” on your local jurisdictions law websites and see what you come up with. The results might surprise you – especially if you keep in mind searches for “natural person” usually produce far more results.

How many people do you know who have ever referred to, taught or looked for “private person” in law? I suggest you take a look for “private person” in your local laws.

Here are few pages I found in under 2 minutes. Continue reading OMG – Private Person in USA Laws

Webinar: The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

New overview introductory webinar to cover the key concepts and principles of what is a private person and why private person is a status in law you just might want to claim for yourself, …. Feedback from webinar attendees- Wonderful and clear – Tim H.

Very well presented. You made it very easy to understand. Thank you very much. Excellent. – Patricia A.

Webinar at bottom of page….

Follow up webinar:


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