Show Me the Money, CAFR Hidden Money

Originally Posted in November 2011 I just watched the video again. Powerful, scary stuff and NOTHING has been done about the warnings raised.

Walter even lays out suggestions on what to do that did not get done. Now I’m sure what he exposed has gotten far worse.

Will people decide to act? How bad does it have to get? Will people take back the financial reigns from corrupt management bleeding them dry?

How much are you worth?

Take your assets and subtract your debts to get your net worth. Simple.

You have debt, you have assets and you have income.

If all you did was talk about your debt it could get depressing, you might live in fear of the debt ruining your life…but you have to forget about your assets and your income to live in fear.

Governments tell “their” citizens every day about the “National Debt” and how you “own” “your share” of the national debt. Fear mongering and waving their hands to distract you from the whole story.

Do they ever tell you about the government assets that you ALSO have a share in?

Do they ever tell you about the pubic income that you own a share of as well?

After all if you “own” a part of the debt then you MUST also “own” part of the assets and income.

Let’s see do you think government income, assets FAR outstrips the debt that exists.

To learn more about the “asset and income books” that government does not want you know about, CAFR….Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.


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