Video the Police? Yes. I Say Again YES.

film something
film something


Here’s a National post article on your right to video and photograph agents of the state in Canada (police, CRA you name it). Karen is a lawyer and works with Canadian Constitution Foundation.

The below is a lawyer’s opinion not some average man or woman with no official legal training and no license to practice law. Maybe what she says carries a bit more weight with you?? She deals with these issues in court.

Apparently canadian police have a policy of trying to hide their criminal actions by “not allowing” or seizing cameras that are being used to video their criminal acts.

Too harsh you say? Well, if they did not have anything to hide then they would not mind being videoed. Isn’t that the line they use ALL THE TIME when they invite us to waive our rights?

FACT ONE: “people are getting arrested, charged or even assaulted by police officers, merely for attempting to take photos or videos of officers at work.”

FACT TWO: “There is no law in Canada that prohibits people from openly photographing police.”

FACT THREE:  People have to hire a lawyer, or do it yourself, and threaten court proceedings to get remedy because the police take the stance “We can do whatever we want.” and until they get charge, prosecuted, fined, fired, jailed……they are right.

FACT FOUR: It’s up to each and everyone of us to hold them accountable or things will only get worse.

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The Beginning of End of The “Free” Internet?

In a shocking move, or if you’re paying attention you knew it was just a matter of time, the all powerful Homeland Security has moved into protecting corporations from…..wait for it…. copyright infringement.

What’s that you say? You thought Homeland Security was about protecting us from terrorists. Well, as in all government creep, the “legal” mandate goalposts got moved somehow.

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