If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

keep-calm-cause-i-m-better-than-youI can hear the wails of patriots/freedom folk “I’m not a person, and you can’t make me!”.

That seems only fair, if you consider that “Her Majesty The Queen in right of British Columbia” (HMTQiroBC), aka the “Crown” aka “the government” is not a person and we should not HAVE TO BE if we are all free and equal.

Wait a second. I thought HMTQiroBC was a legal person, with legal status otherwise how can….??

Hmmm. Really?

Well if one were to read the Crown Proceeding Act [RSBC 1996] Chapter 89 one might discover that there within is admission that HMTQirotPoBC is NOT a person….although they will act as if HMTQiroBC were a person for certain purposes.

Go figure.

I was chatting with a Crown prosecutor to find out the level of ignorance and poor training and I was not disappointed. The tax matter at hand which was in dispute was summarized as “Her Majesty may disagree”.

I’m really a bit confused as to who these “Crown prosecutors” really represent in court Continue reading If The Crown – The Government – HMTQiroBC – Is Not A Person, Why Should You Be?

Claim of Right No Longer Available??

nosobaadMany people have taught and applied the “claim of right” law principle over recent years which WAS clearly laid out in the Criminal Code (Canada). Well it is mostly GONE. That’s right GONE, but not completely.

AND Notaries in B.C. have been warned by their Association to not notarize any claim of right documents….

The Criminal Code has been changed AGAIN and the “claim of right” sections have been REPEALED as of 2012.

You can blame the “freeman” and guys like Dean Clifford for spreading the word. LOL

NOTE: Remember “they” cannot remove rights because “they” never gave you any rights BUT “they” are bound to RESPECT the rights you have (unwritten rights mostly). A private person’s rights remain intact regardless of what “they” write in their “codes”. “They” deceive because they cannot deny the truth, only hide it…..

You see, when everyday people go read the law and start using it, the guys writing the laws go “OH SHIT!” Then “they” scurry about in their posh offices and re-write and re-number the laws that we the people have discovered do exist and which actually HELP people.

I saw this “changing the law to hide the truth” with Continue reading Claim of Right No Longer Available??

Support Your Local Court Victim

Who needs thrill sports when you have the greatest cause of all time to stand up and test your mettle….freedom.

People are being tricked, trapped and harassed into court proceedings at an alarming rate right now, all across Canada for tax evasion. It’s all part of the Department of Justice (DoJ) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) latest stab at the “disease” (their word) that many people have got. Its called a desire for freedom and it is the bain of corrupt politicians, power hungry bureaucrats, governments, dictators and tyrants over the millennia.

The powers that be squirm when the sleeping masses awaken and demand their rights be recognized. Bloody inconvenient and better stamp it out before it becomes a REAL problem.

If you have seen the recent hot movie “Hunger Games” there are many telling scenes but this one sums up the elite attitude who carefully orchestrate the “games” to maintain power and control over the masses (sound familiar?). Continue reading Support Your Local Court Victim

An Overview of the Power of Symbols

Below is a short video to introduce a few ideas about the power of symbols but there is so much to say that this is just a brief intro to a number of ideas about various symbols that greatly impact our lives.

Flags, coat of arms, numbers, words, your true name, what is your signature and more.

I look for connections in ideas to explain principles that are in play. Often when you see something it seems innocent, but in context of other things it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if what you are seeing was created with a specific intent, purpose, message that you may not have been aware of before.

Each area covered in the video is a large area of study on its own. This is not Continue reading An Overview of the Power of Symbols

The definition of “is”, is….

Who knew “Is” had three different and opposing meanings?

Blacks Law Dictionary, 4th Edition, page 963

IS. This word although normally applying to the present often has a future meaning, but is not synonymous with “shall have been.” It may have, however, a past signification, as in the sense “has been.”

Does Bill Clinton’s question actually make sense to you when you understand that there are three different meanings for “is” therefore there can be three different answers depending on which definition of “is” was intended by the questioner?

The phrase “that depends on what your definition of “is”, is”, made famous by then president of the United States Bill Clinton while testifying at his “sex scandal” grand jury investigation, raised the hackles on people everywhere.

“How dare he play word games?”,

“who does he think he is?”,

“shame on him, he’s the president!”

I just heard another person reference to the idea that he was playing games.

He was not…. and here’s the story why.

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Ron Paul: The Final Nail in the U.S.A. Freedom and Liberty?

May 25, 2011… Ron Paul speaks to Congress giving a chilling summary of the state of freedom and liberty in the U.S. and it isn’t good. Similar to another Paul in US history Ron Paul calls out to warn the American people that the enemy is coming. But this time the enemy is from within.

Another “martial-law-style” bill is preparing to be passed and the end is in sight.

How many citizens will really notice, or understand?

And even if they do understand what might they do?

Has the apathy born of terrorist propaganda, government brain washing, fear, doubt and uncertainty ensured that the final nail will be followed by the sound of jackboots in the street and only a whimper of protest?

History repeats itself for those who fail to learn it’s lessons. The New World Order leaders know their history and have learned from their past failures to conquer the world.

Will this next attempt end differently?

Here’s a sobering video documentary that reviews that fateful history and uncovers the hidden agendas of the present that backs up why Ron Paul is calling out (as he has done for years).

Powerful and important because an informed public will make the right decision…

“Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, the powerful new documentary which will put the final nail in the coffin of any doubts that a dictatorial elite is openly setting up an authoritarian system of world government designed to concentrate power and crush the freedom and living standards of the middle class.
The Infowars team have poured 18 months of blood sweat and tears into a film that represents a call to action for Infowarriors around the globe to use this tool as a means of unlocking millions more minds from the matrix.
The impact the film will achieve is solely in the hands of you, the audience, in making the movie go viral in the same way as Loose Change, the Obama Deception and Endgame achieved viral success, and in turn waking up millions more people to the New World Order system and enabling them to take the first steps in resisting their tyranny.
“Film maker Jason Bermas has collected a truly monumental amount of video archive and document material to render completely obsolete claims that the agenda of todays ruling elite is not the open move towards a global totalitarian world government which will be run to the detriment of the people in the self-interests of the tiny ruling class that sit atop the power pyramid.
it is the culmination of years of research by Jason Bermas into the inner-workings and most revealing public statements by the New World Order and the most trusted stewards of their dark vision. Invisible Empire promises to unveil the long-term agenda for world control, just as Fabled Enemies and Loose Change Final Cut forever stripped away the facade of the official story of 9/11 and exposed the dark truth that lies behind.”

State Terrorism: A History

History is full of real, confirmed, public evidence that the US has actively, for decades, created, participated and promoted state sponsored acts of war against other countries and even against the US to facilitate the “legal”, political and public opinion needed to enter/begin open war.

Watch this video for the facts that should NOT be true but ARE true, the final 20 minutes will shock you.

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