You have a clear moral, lawful and legal right to privacy and property rights IF you believe in the game of laws and the set of rules that MOST people agree to play by.

By the rules of common law, the law of the land and statute laws confirm you have a clear moral, lawful and legal right to privacy and property rights.SO why does it feel like that is not true in relity?

The courts do uphold the idea that you have rights which are acknowledged by the rules know as common law. While playing in this game you need to know the rights that “the system” acknowledges you have, you also need claim them and know how to defend them.

Do you understand this? If you don’t fully grasp the idea  of KNOW, CLAIM, DEFEND and are wanting to ensure you maintain your rights in the game, you will end up not having them taken away but you actually give them away.

Maintaining your rights has more to do with what you know and what you do…than any other factor.

When you feel like you don’t have rights, most often it’s because you feel pressure to give up your rights.

Your rights DO still exist in “the game”. But “the game” is set up to train you to give your rights away by you not knowing them, being able to be intimated or helpless to complain about it.

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If you’re i doubt about your rights, and someone is pushing you to give them up, who will win?

How often do you reluctantly, but voluntarily, forfeit your rights out of fear, doubt or intimidation of ‘policy’ pushers in government and businesses (policy does not trump law)?

Every day people forfeit any expectation to maintain their rights because they don’t know what their rights in ‘the game” are. Which means people don’t know when to say NO to pushy government and corporate employees enforcing some “all powerful” invisible policy.

A corporate or government internal policy, is not the law that governs you, unless you work for them.

For example, any government agency or corporation may have a policy telling their employees to do their darndest to get you to hand over your Social Insurance Number or Social Security Number, but the law confirms you that you CAN say NO.

Make it your policy to not be pushed around, intimidated, bullied and harassed.

You can begin requesting and demanding THEY respect your right to say NO to disclosing your private information, that you wish to keep private.

You can go through your day giving almost no information, in almost every situation, if you so choose.

That’s you exercising your lawful rights.

Just like with muscles, if you don’t use your rights, you lose them.

This principle of saying NO includes when you are shopping, contracting for any service, dentist, doctor, working and banking.

They have laws to follow. You have rights to know and use. The questions are: do you know them and will you use them?

If you care about your rights in the game you need to do your part. Know your rights and demand they follow the laws of the game, which includes respecting your rights every time you choose to exercise your rights.

Your rights exist at common law.

Know Your Rights.

Reclaim Your Rights.

Defend your rights, or lose them.If you don’t no one will.

Hold governments accountable. If you don’t no one will.

Put corporations on legal notice.If you don’t no one will.

Reclaim Your Privacy

Reclaim Your Property

Know your rights. Exercise your rights. Defend your rights. Or they don’t exist.

Know your rights + Claim your rights + Defend your rights = maintain your rights

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