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Our goal is to help inform each private person (private person is defined as a man/woman recognized at common law with inherent rights and protections bound to be protected by law) who wish to become knowledgeable about how to claim and how to defend your rights, in plain language, honourably, without becoming a lawyer or radical.

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We will cover here what the basic ideas and methods of living a private life are. Most educational material is ONLY AVAILABLE TO PRIVATE MEMBERS.

You must become a free private member to access the educational material. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice but we are private persons providing information, opinion and our experience as an exercise of private rights for you to possibly learn from and expecting you to discern it’s value and possible use for yourself, if you see fit.

This website is to discuss, inform and educate on the methods and state of living a private life in a world seemingly run by governments and corporations seeking to eliminate privacy from the average person’s life. It only appears that way because the people have forgotten who they are and their rightful place as the masters and authority over governments and corporations. There are three steps to maintaining your privacy rights, or any other right:

Know your rights + Claim your rights + Defend your rights = maintain your rights

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This site will address all three steps required for you to maintain your rights. There are principles of law, ethics and power at stake when you try to maintain your basic freedoms such as your right to privacy and property.

The average person does not stand a chance maintaining their rights in the present “commercial business” environment, all justified by the false argument “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about”. In today’s environment if you just try to maintain your rights, more often than not, you are treated as a potential criminal worthy of investigation and harassment.

Your freedoms and rights are yours to maintain, or give away, it is your choice.

But you can only really  choose when you understand what your rights are and so you know when others are attempting to violate them (or are “asking” you to give them up in an intimidating way).

If you choose to maintain your rights there are lawful principles, attitudes and proven strategies that will help you achieve your desire to keep your private life, private. Stay tuned and get the latest news, interviews and strategies on leading a private life, legally, lawfully and as a daily successful exercise of your rights. Leave your email in the form to be added to our email list and we will keep you updated.

Watch an Intro webinar here: The Hidden Power of private person and natural person

Access free training when you become a Free Member

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