RCMP Complaint Process

Every corporation and government agency/department has an official history and a official complaint process. Both are very valuable for understanding the context of the role they play and how to hold them to account when they may have broken the law.

The only way positive change will occur in our society as a whole is if people who have a legitimate complaint make a formal complaint – otherwise it appears as if nothing wrong happened and the wrongdoers are encouraged to keep on doing it…to you and others.

Being a responsible member of society we have a duty to “keep the peace” which means do no harm or threat of harm to people or property AND that duty also includes the responsibility to report wrongdoers and then act as a witness to the wrongful acts to correct the wrongdoers and hopefully prevent further wrongful acts.

A recent tidbit about the RCMP sent me Googling. This post really can be a model for what to do with ANY corporation and government agency/department to understand their structure and how to complain if need be… after all no one is perfect and to not complain is to encourage further problems. So get in there and make your complaint, here’s how.

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Video the Police? Yes. I Say Again YES.

film something
film something


Here’s a National post article on your right to video and photograph agents of the state in Canada (police, CRA you name it). Karen is a lawyer and works with Canadian Constitution Foundation.

The below is a lawyer’s opinion not some average man or woman with no official legal training and no license to practice law. Maybe what she says carries a bit more weight with you?? She deals with these issues in court.

Apparently canadian police have a policy of trying to hide their criminal actions by “not allowing” or seizing cameras that are being used to video their criminal acts.

Too harsh you say? Well, if they did not have anything to hide then they would not mind being videoed. Isn’t that the line they use ALL THE TIME when they invite us to waive our rights?

FACT ONE: “people are getting arrested, charged or even assaulted by police officers, merely for attempting to take photos or videos of officers at work.”

FACT TWO: “There is no law in Canada that prohibits people from openly photographing police.”

FACT THREE:  People have to hire a lawyer, or do it yourself, and threaten court proceedings to get remedy because the police take the stance “We can do whatever we want.” and until they get charge, prosecuted, fined, fired, jailed……they are right.

FACT FOUR: It’s up to each and everyone of us to hold them accountable or things will only get worse.

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Local Hero, Rory

Hey! Look! Someone taking action and practicing what he preaches!


Guess what his YouTube user name is?  IPracticeWhatIPreach

Watch his videos and you will see in fact he is a man of his word. He’s been through some shit, stood toe to toe with “the man”, faced down RCMP harassment and successfully had charges against him stayed. Congrats!

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Is There Hope for the RCMP?

Well, it looks like another 20 years of the RCMP in B.C. (although there are supposed to be out clauses). Is it another lost opportunity for self responsible provincial policing instead of unaccountable federal military police?

It also looks like they have a new commissioner who brings a new top down, zero tolerance policy, that really is the only hope for the RCMP to rebuild their justifiably battered credibility. Continue reading Is There Hope for the RCMP?

Dreaming of the End of RCMP E Division

The troubled E Division of the RCMP is facing the threat of no longer having B.C. citizens to serve, protect and occasionally abuse. Here’s hoping!

BC RCMP, known as E Division, has been under frequent scrutiny for outright abuse, fraud, perjury, assaults and more for years. So much so that the RCMP has lost the right to investigate themselves due to the obvious lack of interest in upholding the law when it comes to their own members’ many illegal and immoral activities.

Yes, there are lots of good RCMP doing good work BUT their job also entails reporting, investigating and prosecuting, without bias or favour, the crimes of their “RCMP brothers and sisters”. To do anything less is to stop being “good” and become an accomplice to the crime.

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RCMP Above the Law?

Once again the RCMP escape prosecution for violent acts against unarmed, non-threatening citizens…this time an 11 year old boy. Ah, the sweet smell of abuse of power in the morning!

NOTE: I know that there are many good officers in the RCMP and this is NOT aimed at them BUT they have a legal and moral duty to speak out and act against their fellow officers who break the law. To protect, remain silent or deny the wrong doing makes those “good” officers full accomplices and equally liable and guilty under the law. So speak up or you are part of the problem and a law breaker too.

The now infamous “E Division” of the RCMP is the BC branch of the federal military police force (RCMP), once held in high esteem for honour an integrity (at least in the cartoons or distant past) have hit a new low.

Killing lost tourists at the airport, kicking unarmed motorists in the face while on hands and knees on the ground wasn’t the bottom (maybe babies are next?).

An 11 year old boy was tasered by an RCMP officer and has gotten away with it, as have the others.

You’re not safe and now your children are not safe either from the “police”.

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