Well, it looks like another 20 years of the RCMP in B.C. (although there are supposed to be out clauses). Is it another lost opportunity for self responsible provincial policing instead of unaccountable federal military police?

It also looks like they have a new commissioner who brings a new top down, zero tolerance policy, that really is the only hope for the RCMP to rebuild their justifiably battered credibility. Let’s all hope his words are not just pandering and there is some reality in his plans for action against those “criminals with badges” that sully the entire organization and rarely get held to account.

It’s a sad state of affairs that he HAS to say these things otherwise he has no credibility in the public eye based on the number of public and internal issues the RCMP continues to face right now after not acknowledging or acting on these issues for years.

Here’s to hoping his words are backed up by action and accountability:

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