The history of the rise and fall of civilizations has been often directly related to money and banking….over and over again.

Understanding the history of banking and how money works in an economy are powerful steps to getting free of a losing proposition. Get a quick history and money/credit lesson from these excellent videos.

So much of today’s news is focused on the open corruption of the banking system and the pending collapse of many countries economies.

Studying the history of banking helps to understand how we got here, how to solve the problem and how to not arrive here again. But you know how people hate to learn history…to their ultimate peril, don’t be one of those. It really is interesting, empowering and helpful to know.

If you think you know how money/credit/banking works be prepared for some eye opening history and present day reality checks.

The below video is highly recommended for everyone. If you’ve seen the “Money Masters” this is an excellent, and shorter version, updated with recent events.


If you want more the original “Money Masters” video is here;


Another simplified lesson on money and banking is this excellent video “Money As Debt”


The lesson on money and banking continues is this excellent video “Money As Debt II”

If you have watched these four videos you now have, in only a few hours, learned more about the world economic system and day to day reality of money than most people “educated” in banking, economics, politics and more. Why? Because many people would not participate in such a crooked game if they knew how it really works, so schools don’t teach this stuff. They only teach what will perpetuate the game.

If you don’t like the money game, then stop playing. Withdraw your consent to be a party to it, or a victim of it. There are simple non-threatening actions you can take to withdraw your support, like close your “Big Bank” account and open an account at a locally owned credit union.

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