Example of What Works to Create Change

This excerpt of a longer news video tells a story on many levels of the power of the people and the effect of public exposure on wrongdoers actions is the path to change for the better. Nanaimo makes big news. The backtracking and double talk by the mayor is funny and sad at the same time. (must watch the whole video below)

B.C. is the hotbed for lots of interesting events, including this latest one Nanaimo City Council following the new-world-order-anti-Christian-attitude they get some blow back and have now bigtime backtracked with a financial payout for their wrongdoing.

People also stood up against the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).  B.C.’ites gave the HST the heave ho a few years back…did no one notice???? Proof positive of
YOUR power…an the process that works.

Any and EVERY “law” passed by any and all elected representatives can be kicked to the curb by the people standing up and saying “no this is not acceptable”. 

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‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes


how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘human being’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘private person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘natural person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘man’ ?

Why would the lawmakers and draftsmen use one term over the other…at certain times….?

hmmmm… good question?

The previous post and video triggered a question from a reader which triggered me to ask the above question. Unlike many people (who have better things to do) I went looking for the answer – it’s called first hand, hard, grinding research (thank you internet and search tools).

What I found, after having a look, was shocking and raised more questions with some surprising possibilities…check out the video:

  • ‘human’ related to marriage and animal acts

  • ‘man’ related to marriage, army and navy acts

  • ‘private person’ related to property acts

  • ‘natural person’ related to insurance, banking, multiple acts and recognition that natural person has inherent rights, powers, privileges

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Hope For Justice: In Action

Welcome to the latest instalment of Hope For Justice. We call this part “Hope For Justice: In Action” because it lays the foundational ideas for actions you can take to help move your personal “hope that there really is justice” into action steps. Interestingly it is the opposite of “inaction”…that which got us to where we are today.

We cover some of the key points from the Hope For Justice material and lay the foundation for action steps you can take to reclaim justice for yourself. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it is a solo journey. You must do the work, gain knowledge and take action YOURSELF. This is not something anyone can give you. You must live it and claim it. Many may say that is a good thing. Either way, it’s up to you.

The claim and exercise of a right cannot be converted into a crime. there can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of an exercise of his constitutional rights. No state shall covert a liberty into a privilege, license it and charge a fee therefore. The citizen can ignore the license and the fee and engage in the with impunity,

Stand Up.

Be the Change you want to see in the world.

Know justice to know peace

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Wake Up Programming

The media is used to “sell” ideas, beliefs, politics and more. Audio and video combined is a powerful tool to program someone’s mind…for good or evil.

Having both sides of the story and some basic critical thinking skills (can you see the problem coming?) empowers you to be whole instead of broken and in pain.

Here’s an excellent film that covers many, many aspects of where we are and how we got here…all in one place. Even if you’ve seen much of this info before review it and pass it on to help wake up a sleeper or two!

An Overview of the Power of Symbols

Below is a short video to introduce a few ideas about the power of symbols but there is so much to say that this is just a brief intro to a number of ideas about various symbols that greatly impact our lives.

Flags, coat of arms, numbers, words, your true name, what is your signature and more.

I look for connections in ideas to explain principles that are in play. Often when you see something it seems innocent, but in context of other things it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if what you are seeing was created with a specific intent, purpose, message that you may not have been aware of before.

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Banking Gone Bad

The history of the rise and fall of civilizations has been often directly related to money and banking….over and over again.

Understanding the history of banking and how money works in an economy are powerful steps to getting free of a losing proposition. Get a quick history and money/credit lesson from these excellent videos.

So much of today’s news is focused on the open corruption of the banking system and the pending collapse of many countries economies.

Studying the history of banking helps to understand how we got here, how to solve the problem and how to not arrive here again. But you know how people hate to learn history…to their ultimate peril, don’t be one of those. It really is interesting, empowering and helpful to know.

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