no-to-idThe elusive private bank account, like your rights, has always existed… hidden, unknown, unclaimed and unused. Time to change that?

One of the basic premises of this website is that there are laws in place that do assist and protect people and their property BUT no one knows about them (until recently) and worse, when you try and claim what is rightfully yours you are met with resistance, disdain and in some cases fear. hmmmm

Let’s take a quick trip through the Bank Act (Canada) and even if you are not in Canada you should learn enough to go find the similar sections in your local Acts. Knowing what to look for, makes it so much easier.

The law creates the Bank and the private account as part of the governments duty to make access to the financial system possible for every man. Sadly, the banks have hidden the private account with the help of the legislative draftsmen and now we shall rediscover them and push, push, push the Banks to OBEY the law and provide private accounts to anyone who know how to demand a private account.

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  1. admin

    good question, I think usually resident is related to the artificial person
    “res” “indent” – thing identified is one interpretation
    resident has also got different meanings depending on the Act

    can you provide the case reference for “Supreme Court defined Canada as a non geographical area”?

    “person” which one? – there are only 2 types natural/private and artificial
    should always be clarified so as not to default to their default which is artificial

    artificial persons are residents of corporations
    natural/private persons live or maybe inhabit a geographic area

  2. admin

    there is an 3 extensive PDsF on the USA laws re no requirement for SSN

    standing your ground, making a complaint, filing a legal complaint really are the options
    they WILL resist and you must persist
    check out for the complaint and claim process ideas

    I consider the enforcement by private citizens of the access to private bank accounts being key to our freedom.
    I hope MANY people take action seriously to bring it to a head with complaint and claims

  3. Adel

    does residency apply to the natural person or, private person to the human being? the legislation for Old Age Security refers to the person but then thy decide eligibility based on the time the man/woman was present in the Canada, but the Supreme Court defined Canada as a non geographical area so how is it possible for the person to be a resident of corporation? Any has the answer?

  4. David

    I tried to open a bank account without a SSN, but the banks insist on me having a Social Security Number to open the account with.

    I left the Notice and the Constructive Notice with the manager.

    What else should I do???

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