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Part of keeping public servants and other “officers” accountable REQUIRES the unhappy/harmed man or woman speaking up when you are treated improperly via:

  1. administrative complaints for official record and internal investigation and hopefully correction,
  2. common law claims for damage and remedy to you
  3. criminal complaint for punishment and deterrent

All three steps are available and required to keep public servants and other “officers” accountable. Failure to use these legal, lawful and recognized processes invites wrongdoers to continue their wrongful actions.

We all have a duty to “keep the peace” which includes reporting and acting as a witness against wrongdoers.

We cover the first two steps here on David-Kevin: Lindsay covers the third step. I encourage everyone to understand the principles and process of laying criminal charges as well.

As reported here on this website “the system” tends to not charge, or undercharge, “system Continue reading Laying Criminal Charges Course

Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity

sue-emThe laws are intended in part to act as a deterrent to criminal acts. But laws lose all deterrent effect if the criminal-wanna-be KNOWS that no one knows the law AND/OR the law will never be enforced against them.

Such is the dilemma we find our sad selves in now with the police, lawyers, politicians, public servants and more. “They” have operated SO LONG with impunity because no one enforced the rules against them that they are literally in a criminal free-for-all.

Like misbehaving children with guns they need a time out, be grounded and in some cases spanked. This applies to every “public/civil servant” who does wrong…. including those who do not report their fellow workers who are engaging in rules breaking and criminal acts. You are an accomplis if you do not actively speak out to help stop it. You are the first, best witness to the crimes and your silence binds you to the guilt for the crimes.

The “superiors” who encourage lawless behaviour by not acting to enforce the internal policies and rules, never mind the rule of law, carry the greatest burdon of guilt and responsibility because your actions CAN stop such behaviour, but you choose not to. Your inaction actually encourages more lawless behaviour by your charges.

So it falls to the private citizen to Continue reading Sue “Them” In Their Personal Capacity

Retroactive Tyranny Justification


[The following is a written adaption of a talk given by Larken Rose in Philadelphia, in front of Independence Hall, on July 4th, 2009.]

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, in Philadelphia, a bunch of
guys got together and wrote a letter to their king. The letter was
very eloquent, and well thought out, but it basically boiled down
to this:

“Dear King George,

You’re not the boss of us!


A Bunch of Troublemakers”

That’s essentially what the Declaration of Independence was: a
bunch of radicals declaring that they would no longer recognize the
right of their king to rule them, at all, ever again. They went on
to create a new boss, which turned into a new oppressor, but we’ll
get to that in a moment. First, Continue reading Retroactive Tyranny Justification

It Is Your Right to Waive Your Rights

Freedom Comes With Responsibility and Choice… A Choice that Has Been Stolen From You

At all times you have a choice….

1. do I want to claim/exercise my rights?

2. Do I choose to waive my rights?

The first thing to consider is, to really have choice, you need to KNOW your rights and the EFFECT of using, or not using, your rights.


  • Do you know your rights?
  • Do you understand what exercising your rights would mean in the case of each right?
  • Do you understand what waiving your rights would mean in the case of each right?

If you cannot answer the above questions with certainty you effectively have no rights, because in today’s world, every Tom, Dick, Harry, politician, bureaucrat, lawyer, police officer and public servant becomes your master. They are certain (even if they are wrong about the policy they want to enforce against you) so they will win.

Even a State or a Province has certain rights defined by law, and the representatives thereof, being ignorant of their duty Continue reading It Is Your Right to Waive Your Rights

Support Your Local Court Victim

Who needs thrill sports when you have the greatest cause of all time to stand up and test your mettle….freedom.

People are being tricked, trapped and harassed into court proceedings at an alarming rate right now, all across Canada for tax evasion. It’s all part of the Department of Justice (DoJ) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) latest stab at the “disease” (their word) that many people have got. Its called a desire for freedom and it is the bain of corrupt politicians, power hungry bureaucrats, governments, dictators and tyrants over the millennia.

The powers that be squirm when the sleeping masses awaken and demand their rights be recognized. Bloody inconvenient and better stamp it out before it becomes a REAL problem.

If you have seen the recent hot movie “Hunger Games” there are many telling scenes but this one sums up the elite attitude who carefully orchestrate the “games” to maintain power and control over the masses (sound familiar?). Continue reading Support Your Local Court Victim

Read The “Law” Yourself

How to Read “The Law”

Don’t take ANYONE’s word for what “the law is”. If you understand common law you have a TOTALLY different understanding of law than most people including trained lawyers. Legislated Acts are a different form of law.

Why are lawyers misunderstanding the law?

Because lawyers are not generally trained in common law processes or principles. They learn the civil law polices, procedures that the system enforcing the legal games that are designed to trick, trap and manipulate their clients into…. well you know, you’re here!

Finding the Acts that appear to be law is easy. Reading Acts is not tough, but there are some tricks to know. We’ll look at one right now and maybe more later….. Continue reading Read The “Law” Yourself