Tyranny an Overview

There is so much going on these days. For those awake it can be a scary time…but change is coming. Wake up your friends, wake up your neighbours, the proof is clear and obvious that corruption rules political, policing, corporate and legal structures.

BUT each one of those structures exists and runs because of the efforts of ordinary, everyday people. When they understand what they are a really part of, what their efforts support and that they do have the power to stop participating, watch out.

No fireworks, no violence just a withdrawal. Stand up. Get off your knees and choose to serve peace and true justice. Not fake justice practiced from olden times where the amoral claim Continue reading Tyranny an Overview

US Banks, FED and Congress, Shame on You

In the world of the average guy wrong doing is shameful. Most people have a conscience and the fear of shame helps people know the difference between right and wrong. Shame has been used in the wrong way too, to manipulate (shame on those types!).

I’m referring to the internal moral compass we have (most of us) when it comes to knowing right from wrong. Most people are basically good and given the choice will do the right thing. Sometimes we need a nudge but temptation can strong when we are not.

In the really big out-there-world shame isn’t enough. Getting caught and maybe being sent to prison is an extra level of “you might not want to do that bad thing you’re thinking of doing”.

What happens when you have no personal shame because “everybody is doing it” and it is “just the way things work” and you have no fear of getting caught because everyone around you is just as guilty and you know that the laws that are in place to punish you will never be enforced? Continue reading US Banks, FED and Congress, Shame on You

Systemized Fraud?

Give it or else! Or else WHAT?

Your own privacy is an issue that you need to to responsible for and sometimes its tough to maintain when the banks, corporations, government agencies all claim that your private information must be provided to them.

The question is: must it be provided?

Most will tell you its mandatory, some will say its their policy in both cases Continue reading Systemized Fraud?

Mortgage Note…What Mortgage Note?

The US is awash in funny mortgage notes. After the corrupt lending, mortgage pooling and other nasty white caller banking/accounting/lawyer crimes helped crash the US housing market…some people have found relief…. in the law.

That’s right the little guy who fights for the right to keep his home won one. On a very Continue reading Mortgage Note…What Mortgage Note?