Your Human Rights And The [Income Tax] Illusion – Russell Anthony Porisky

Always interesting to read the comments on YouTube…many opinions of highly educated, well researched people (not).

The video content here is valuable… this BIG lesson is only the first to learn.

A BIGGER lesson is that one needs to know how to repel attacks by the criminals who enforce the Income Tax fraud upon the unsuspecting, trusting, unknowing, fearful-to-question people.

EVEN IF YOU DO EVERYTHING CORRECTLY IN LAW you very well might be tested to defend what you have done, in court….which is a whole new game and another deception to understand.

Despite the material and interpretations being sound, Porisky has FAILED to PROPERLY defend his actions, as have most others who have been prosecuted.

It is usually not a question of the state/courts proving guilt, as much as people who are not court savvy losing because they do not understand the game of court. People many times lose not because they did wrong but because the game of court is complex, time consuming, expensive, stressful and deceptive (and usually grossly unfair). Proceed with caution.

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Published on Aug 25, 2014

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