US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

gavel+moneyIn what I would call a confirmation of the law, not a NEW ruling, the US Supreme Court One lays down the law for all to see, and USE if you choose.

One of the BIG legal fantasies promoted by governments and officials is the idea of officials’ having ‘immunity’ from prosecution and no liability… so they are not held liable for their corrupt and illegal actions.

Don’t buy the LIE.

Judges are liable, cops are liable, corporate officers are liable, ANY official is liable… when:

1. if they perform any actions while in office, not defined by their office, or

2. actions that are defined by their office but are done in BAD faith or

3. the actions taken are illegal by nature.

Any actions that they take NOT defined by their office or illegal by their nature are considered to have been done outside of their office therefore done in their private capacity and therefore they are fully liable, in their private capacity, without any protections of their office.

Unfortunately this lie of ‘immunity’ is also repeated unknowingly by people, again and again, who have a real case against government officials and therefore do not pursue very valid claims.

A recent US Supreme Court decision clarified and confirmed that the government and their agents can be held liable and accountable for wrongdoing carried out by officials in its employment while on the job. Continue reading US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

Example of What Works to Create Change

This excerpt of a longer news video tells a story on many levels of the power of the people and the effect of public exposure on wrongdoers actions is the path to change for the better. Nanaimo makes big news. The backtracking and double talk by the mayor is funny and sad at the same time. (must watch the whole video below)

B.C. is the hotbed for lots of interesting events, including this latest one Nanaimo City Council following the new-world-order-anti-Christian-attitude they get some blow back and have now bigtime backtracked with a financial payout for their wrongdoing.

People also stood up against the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).  B.C.’ites gave the HST the heave ho a few years back…did no one notice???? Proof positive of
YOUR power…an the process that works.

Any and EVERY “law” passed by any and all elected representatives can be kicked to the curb by the people standing up and saying “no this is not acceptable”. 

– Watch the Continue reading Example of What Works to Create Change

First Nations’ Land “Title” OFFICIALLY Acknowledged

Two big events in First Nations’ land title/rights recognition this week from the Supreme Court of Canada and Vancouver city council. Is the timing coincidence? No and neither will the strategic games by lawyers be a surprise.

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Dean Clifford From Jail UPDATE

govt was to protect manDean’ Clifford is apparently STILL being held under very suspicious circumstances and he sounds positive and strong in these audios released a week ago.

The “system” seems to be in a bit of a bind and has resorted to shocking breeches of the “law” with the ultimate desired effect and goal, I’m sure, attempting to wear down the individual and their supporters.

If you beat a “slave” publicly it tends to be a warning heard and obeyed by most other “slaves” – it’s a tried and true formula for maintaining order. Sometimes it backfires and makes “slaves” harden their resolve.

Some of those in the “system” really do perceive they “own” you and it is their responsibility to keep you in line, or they know they are so guilty of crimes they will do almost anything to try and cover their crimes up.

Although some of the attitudes, actions and interpretations Dean or his followers may engage in, I don’t agree with, it is NOT OK to do as is being done to Dean. It is absolutely akin to political prisoner tactics in other supposedly less free countries than Canada.

The illusion of freedom and legitimate authority is wearing thin in many ways.

Hear Dean’s personal updates on these three audio phone calls from jail. Continue reading Dean Clifford From Jail UPDATE

It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

know-your-rights-organizatiThese two news stories caught my eye for different reasons. We have had a spate of violent police actions and no-accountability for that violence by police in Canada.

Local police and RCMP regularly get off for their violent crimes, yes violent crimes. Anyone can see the videos of these events and KNOW they are violent crimes under the guise of police authority, police safely. It’s obvious to ANY non-biased observer the officers have over reacted and in most cases police escalate the situation instead of trying to de-escalate a relatively non-threatening one.

I fear for my personal safety now if I ever have contact with police. In Canada you say? Yep. Crazy.

The second story is a police feel good story that puts the public’s expectation of police brutality into context in a really bizarre way.

From tasering people to death (multiple cases), filling people full of lead (recently in Vancouver and Toronto-including a final bullet to the back of the head execution style), using excessive force to detain someone who is peaceful or demonstrators being attacked – this list goes on and on and it’s disgusting.

These violent acts continue because the hierarchy of the police force and the political will Continue reading It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town

The Best Explanation of CAFR Yet

Quickly learn and understand what the hidden asset game in government bookkeeping is and why you should care.

Have you ever wondered why government seems to HELP corporations make more profits at ANY cost and with little to no enforcement of the law? It appears that it is partially because government secret funds profit when the corporations profit.

Have you ever wondered why mega-projects always go over budget?

Do they really need to keep raising taxes? Have a listen….


Other posts on CAFR on this site:

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Two power house Canadian and UK AFRs:

For Canada Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Report”

For the UK Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Statement”

Canada has a CAFR for their local governments but in Canada it is CAnFR (Canadian Annual Financial Report) and a few examples can be found here –

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It Is Your Right to Waive Your Rights

Freedom Comes With Responsibility and Choice… A Choice that Has Been Stolen From You

At all times you have a choice….

1. do I want to claim/exercise my rights?

2. Do I choose to waive my rights?

The first thing to consider is, to really have choice, you need to KNOW your rights and the EFFECT of using, or not using, your rights.


  • Do you know your rights?
  • Do you understand what exercising your rights would mean in the case of each right?
  • Do you understand what waiving your rights would mean in the case of each right?

If you cannot answer the above questions with certainty you effectively have no rights, because in today’s world, every Tom, Dick, Harry, politician, bureaucrat, lawyer, police officer and public servant becomes your master. They are certain (even if they are wrong about the policy they want to enforce against you) so they will win.

Even a State or a Province has certain rights defined by law, and the representatives thereof, being ignorant of their duty Continue reading It Is Your Right to Waive Your Rights