Smart Meters: Just Say No
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“Smart meters” are another hot topic that privacy, private property rights and health safety are becoming an issue. Many people are standing up and saying no to the “forced installation” of these new meters. Some have even provided legal notice kits to stop the install on their home.

The basic idea here is that the new meters measure and track every use of electricity in your home and broadcast it out via wireless signals to a neighbourhood data collection device that then rebroadcasts the data back to a central unit.

The key issues are:

  1. Privacy – these devices “spy” on every action in a home and will learn all about the activities of the occupant, then share that private info with WHO? The collection is a concern and the sharing is a concern. It would not be a concern if we could trust the info was really kept private and not used for nefarious purposes….but we can’t be sure so, just say no.
  2. Property rights – installers must enter you property to install the new meters which broadcast potentially harmful radiation into your home and surrounding area.
  3. Health risks – There are reports of the radiation from these devices casing people to become sick and killing off local bees which is harm to you and living creatures on your property.

Here’s some great websites telling more of the story and giving you more information that you may want if you want to say no to the smart meter on your property. Withdraw your consent, it’s your right.


What Can I do?

Get Informed – The 5G Summit

Are Smart Meters hazardous to your health ?

Yes, they are…  And people are getting sick.   Watch these videos and read the articles and judge for yourself !

Public Health Official talks about the risks of having Smart Meters…

Radiation concerns are raised

Smart Meter Health Complaints

Smart Meter kills shrub

Smart Meters and Grids

World Health Organization labels wireless “Possible Carcinogen”:  ****if it’s labelled as a possible Carcinogen, then it should be enough to stop this from happening****

Is every household in BC going to get one ?  

Yes, that is BC Hydro’s plan.  Do you really want one ?

What about commercial buildings and apartments ?

Yes.  Not only that, but it’s planned for apartment buildings to have dozens – oreven hundreds – of smart meters all placed together causing a zone of super-radiation.


Do I have a choice ?

You certainly do.  Democracy, right ?!

Important facts you should know :

– you can ask them to remove the Smart Meter they installed. Don’t take no for an answer. It is your right to have it removed

– if they haven’t installed one yet… There are steps that can be taken in order to stop them from installing one.

– there are petitions you can sign

– be aware that there will likely be an upcoming BC referendum. Now is the time to start sharing this knowledge, as it is critically-important to reach all BC residents with it.

How often are the signals sent?

They say only 4 to 6 times a day…
Look at this video from Richmond BC, you’ll see it’s more than 4 to 6 times a day…. A lot more !
Richmond, BC smart meters constantly pulsing

Have other countries or cities been affected by this ?

Yes, and some cities in BC have voted for a moratorium but the meters are still being installed…

The people of the Netherlands and Australia’s moratorium:

Just how high are the RF radiation pulses from Smart Meters, actually?

This real-time video shows a test being conducted.  The pulses are extremely high :

Meters getting on fire and exploding (Canada, US and Australia)

Other articles you might find interesting :

BC Green Party says Smart Meter health concerns demand action

BC NDP calls on Campbell to stop “smart metering”:


Past CBC Poll: 73% of Canadians are VERY CONCERNED about wireless devices’ effects on their health:


“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

~ Buddha


Talk to your neighbours, to your family and friends, to others parents…  to the people you care about.  Share this info with them. Everybody needs to know !  

Spread the info...

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