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Living in the private is not enough, you must know how to defend yourself from “official” trespassers who wish to take your property. Learn to use the law as it was meant to by used for your protection and remedy:

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LEGISLATION CANADA – The world law guide


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  • 1215.org – Bill Thornton – common law stuff, court strategy and procedures


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  1. admin

    Glad you like it. The software is “Freeplane”.

    It appears that Romainia is under French Civil law so many of the concepts covered here (common law) probably don’t fit, unless MAYBE common law is accessible via international human rights law. I don’t know.

    French civil law: in France, the Benelux countries, Italy, Romania, Spain and former colonies of those countries;

    Here’s a source I Googled, You can find much more specific to your jurisdiction online if you seek.

  2. Adrian

    Hi there,

    I saw your video private-person intro.com.
    Excelent job ! Thank you!

    I’m from Bucharest, Romania.

    Let me know if it possible to send me by email the source of presentation to be able to translate into romanian language. What software do you use to make this schematic presentation?!
    Do you agree to tell me that software you use and send me that format?!
    This way is much easier for me to translate in our romanian language. And I can record my voice in romanian language over the presentation/schematic.

    My email adress is humanlivingbeing@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

    Wait for your email if you accept to send me the source code for this schematic.
    I will preserve a link to your website in this new romanian presentation for sure.

  3. admin

    I have no idea – Karl is less than organized in his teaching process.
    Are you sure it was laying charges and not lay a Claim?

  4. ray

    Where did Karls teachings go for How to lay charges when the police do not want to get involved ?? I understand from a few friends that showed up in Kelowna and Winlaw BC and were dissapointed this subject was not covered

  5. admin

    Until I started teaching about the existence in law and value of “private person” EVERYONE was using the “natural person” – that is a big point of this website to LEARN the difference. The terms are synonymous at common law but not in civil law.

    There are many examples of “private person” in use TODAY in statute law as well as court cases. Many are cited on this site and in the webinars, You can ALSO do your own basic research on Canlii.org as discussed on the last webinar.

    If you are looking for the mystical court decision that confirms “private persons” are not subject to statutes/taxes/whatever – keep dreaming – that’s not the way it works.

    There are at present a number of cases underway where people are using private person….decisions are a way’s down the road – if any.

  6. Joseph Sandy

    Is there one court case where private person was used in the filings ? Just one so I can read it.

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