There are certain questions people ask over and over and issues that get raised again and again. This is a series of short videos to address, from my perspective at this time, some of the those FAQ,


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  1. admin

    “private ins” – do you mean private insurance?
    or private IDs?

    if insurance, it is maritime law based as I understand it
    and not sure about the whole idea

    there used to be a private insurance group out of Oregon
    private people put money in a pot and share it out to cover claims
    not sure if they are still going

    private is about 100% liability and corporate is about limited liability
    so it does open a potential conflict of concepts…

  2. rick

    I have now recinded all gov id and sent reg back and ordered destroyed…my question now is how do I get private ins for my protection… or is that possible

  3. admin

    i don’t work with liens but the principles are out there.
    if you got an admission of the courts not working with common law that is interesting that they admitted it.
    it could be it is my understanding that it would be because Scotland is Civil Law (not common law) in the UK… just like Canada has Quebec and USA has Louisiana as civil law in common law countries.

  4. John

    Interesting site, I have just joined as a member.

    I am 53 years old and live in Scotland (UK) having also been born here.

    Due to criminal behavior of the authorities I ended up sequestrated a few year ago, this has since been discharged. I tried the existing legal system in Scotland to address this wrongdoing but was not allowed to proceed given a time bar.

    I have now found out that I could hold them accountable by running a common law commercial lien, surety for this lien was the debtor’s public liability insurance bond . Having researched the process I ran this commercial lien and have what I now believe is a perfected lien.

    The only problem that I now have is that the individual that I ran this against, refuses to accept it. Having ran the process, I now have a certificate of default against him but to enforce this, I have been told requires a default from the courts which will not issue this as they say they do not operate under common law.

    Does anyone know how to enforce this default to obtain settlement or how to force the courts to assist?

  5. admin

    thanks. one thing to keep in mind at common law there is NO requirement to provide ID or give your name etc to a peace officer unless he has seen or has a first hand witness of you braking the peace (harm or threat of harm to property or man/woman). This is confirmed many places including “THE POLICE OFFICERS MANUAL- CARSWELL AND THE POLICE MANUAL OF ARREST SEIZURE & INTERROGATION – CARSWELL’. A POLICE officer can request and require ID if you are in a ‘regulated activity’ (not acting in the private) meaning you waived your private rights to apply for privilege of doing something under their rules.

  6. jerael

    Does anyone know the correct names & numbers for the 6 constructive trusts that are charged up with the Birth certificate(death certificate). I know the bid bond is 504, performance bond is 505 and the payment bond is 506. I have found references for the USA bonds but not CDN?

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