‘human being’, ‘private person’, ‘natural person’, ‘man’ in Statutes


how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘human being’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘private person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘natural person’ ?

how many statutes can you point to and say there it is ‘man’ ?

Why would the lawmakers and draftsmen use one term over the other…at certain times….?

hmmmm… good question?

The previous post and video triggered a question from a reader which triggered me to ask the above question. Unlike many people (who have better things to do) I went looking for the answer – it’s called first hand, hard, grinding research (thank you internet and search tools).

What I found, after having a look, was shocking and raised more questions with some surprising possibilities…check out the video:

  • ‘human’ related to marriage and animal acts

  • ‘man’ related to marriage, army and navy acts

  • ‘private person’ related to property acts

  • ‘natural person’ related to insurance, banking, multiple acts and recognition that natural person has inherent rights, powers, privileges

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Natural News Updates


NaturalNews.com is a very good website offering commentary and reporting on many issues health, freedom, politics and more. The reporting seems to be of high quality and very topical. I recommend you check it out and subscribe to their email list to get their news summaries (link at bottom).

Raw milk: good enough for the Queen but prohibited for YOU. They have a new article on raw milk which made headlines in Canada with a trial in Ontario. The raw milk issue is not about raw milk really, its about what right does the government have to prevent people accessing their foods of choice?

A writeup on raw milk published inThe Globe and Mailback in 2010 explains that Queen Elizabeth personally drinks raw milk, and that when her grandsons Harry and William were students at Eton College, she went out of her way to smuggle it in for them as well. The Queen apparently recognizes some value in raw milk beyond what health authorities are willing to admit. link

When private people choose something which harms no one, the government has no say, period (in legal theory). Do you find it a little disturbing the idea that the government knows better what THEY will ALLOW you to do, than you have the freedom to do, and YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER without being labelled an “offender”, fined and possibly prosecuted?

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Smart Meters: Just Say No

“Smart meters” are another hot topic that privacy, private property rights and health safety are becoming an issue. Many people are standing up and saying no to the “forced installation” of these new meters. Some have even provided legal notice kits to stop the install on their home.

The basic idea here is that the new meters measure and track every use of electricity in your home and broadcast it out via wireless signals to a neighbourhood data collection device that then rebroadcasts the data back to a central unit.

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Political Thieves Filling Their Pockets With Your Money

The Government operates without accountability, have you noticed?

At what point do you say NO MORE!

Government raises money to operate through various taxes.

Government produces nothing into the economy.

Government gets every penny to operate from “taxpayers” and yet is not accountable for being responsible in how or where it spends that money.

All that money was taken under threat of punishment for not giving it over – which means it was taken by force.

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Video Surveillance INSIDE BC Schools?

Smile, your kids are under constant video surveillance IN school, or might be soon if a new bill passes in BC.

BC Civil Liberties Association reports that they are taking the issue on to try and stop it from becoming law.

BCCLA Opposes Bill for More School Video Surveillance

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