The Government operates without accountability, have you noticed?

At what point do you say NO MORE!

Government raises money to operate through various taxes.

Government produces nothing into the economy.

Government gets every penny to operate from “taxpayers” and yet is not accountable for being responsible in how or where it spends that money.

All that money was taken under threat of punishment for not giving it over – which means it was taken by force.

Government creates no jobs, except overpaid government employee jobs. But since no government employee adds a single dollar of direct value to the economy every government job requires more “taxpayers” money being taken.

Can you see a vicious cycle here? Especially when you consider the government employs about 30% of the workforce (confirm the % anyone?). 30% of Canadians produce nothing but bureaucratic processes and enforcement of all the rules, regulations, Acts etc.

The latest numbers are in and Ottawa and BC overspent by $41 billion of your dollars AGAIN. The report goes on to say that it happens so often its not a mistake and “too common to be accidental”.

There is a solution but it involves you!

In other words, when governments spend more than they say they will,

the public must notice. And care. And say so out loud.

We got rid of the HST.

How about getting rid of the GST now too.

Here’s the opinion article and a link to the report:

Ottawa and Victoria overspend by $41 billion’s-2011-fiscal-accountability-ranking/14686

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