He’s being held in maximum security

Notes from a conversation with Dean C. Clifford

• He is being treated like a Political Prisoner
• He’s been told by, I think it was the Jail Superintendant, that he is considered a High Risk because of his political beliefs and is considered a threat to all, including Peace Officers.
• He is being held on one standing charge, assaulting a Peace Officer. Like Dean said;
“How can you possibly assault someone when being attacked, it’s called self defense.”
• He is being charged under the Criminal Code of CANADA, his “offense” is indictable. more here…


This is interesting from the Police Code of Ethics:

Fundamental Principles
Police Officers in the Province of British Columbia, along with their respective organizations and agencies, embrace the following Fundamental Principles, which underpin the Guiding Values, Primary Responsibilities and Decision-Making framework.

•    democracy & the rule of law
•    justice & equality
•    protection of life & property
•    safeguarding the public trust
•    that the police are the public and the public are the police
•    the principles of the Constitution of Canada
•    the rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights & Freedoms


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