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We had unanimous appreciation from the participants and many success stories of people successfully applying a new attitude, new understanding and process in law situations and private situations.
Hey jd, H4J- In Action was amazing, a huge amount of information, well-organized, well-researched, with lots of context, well worth the investment. Even though I have no current ‘issues’ myself, I will be reviewing this material for years for future reference and because I could not keep up with the homework. I highly recommend this webinar and www.private-person.com as well and continue to spread the word. – J.L.

Coming from Eastern Europe I still easily fear authority, but being involved in this powerful awakening process generates confidence and sense of freedom. Your contribution to this process is enormous, the information you shared with us puts hope for justice in my mind.Recently I have had some unfortunate dealing with my tenants involving a neighbour and I found it much easier to communicate by using some of the suggestions offered in your presentation. I think that your efforts are changing peoples lives. I imagined that if half of the people change to honer and responsibility the other half would have no choice. – Peter

I liked the course a lot, I’m finding it helps my confidence and I’m going to start it all over again and repeat it. – M.V.
The seminar’s I did catch live really gave me a positive feeling about possible legal or court proceedings. I am working my way through the recordings. I appreciate the effort you put into the series and hope to be able to participate in any future “teachings”. – C.G.

I just wanted to drop a quick line and tell you how much I’m enjoying this course…
I have the course on my iPad while I’m driving to work (1hour) each way…
Can’t believe how fast the drive goes, and I’ve only completed 4 sessions so far…Thank you so much… – K.I.

Enjoying going through H4J_IA. What an accomplishment on your part…..Things are quite stressful at several levels right now and it is great to have a ‘lifeline’ like H4J. I am sure it is the same for many others.

Many thanks, as always.  – C.L.

I’ve been through the H4J: In Action course twice now, and am now working through the H4J Do Common Law Courts  Exist? material… just awesome…Warmest Regards – KI

Access to the Hope For Justice: In Action sessions are delivered 2 times per week to your private-person.com members account and the studying is done at your own pace (2 times per week is a fast pace).

Learn the secrets of successful communication in the legal realm…conditional acceptance and honour/dishonour are two of the biggest laying the foundation for successful communication and results.

This is your chance to be accountable and responsible by holding “them” to the law, so “they” respect your rights while making them pay for the harm “they” cause.

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Gov. General Speech to Canadian Bar Association Aug. 2011

GovGen-speech-cdn-bar-assoc-News Article

When I was asked to serve as governor general of Canada, I had much to learn. Despite my background as a student and professor of law, I had to relearn our constitution and its conventions, as well as its legal principles. … And in so doing, I have developed an even more profound admiration for how precious the rule of law is in our country, and how thin and vulnerable its veneer can be.


Spanish Requirement of 1513 – “legal notice presumption”

A member of the conquistador’s force would read El Requerimiento in Castilian before a group of Indians on the shore, who, with or without translation, remained uncomprehending. All the region’s inhabitants were thus considered to have been advised of Spain’s religious and legal rights to conquest and forewarned of the consequences of resisting. The true nature of the Spanish Requirement, however, was one of absolution; the symbolic act of reading the document relieved the crown and its agents from legal and moral responsibility for the conquest, enslavement and killing of Native Americans. Readings were often dispensed with prior to planned attacks.


While the conquistadors were encouraged to use an interpreter to read the Requerimiento, this was not absolutely necessary, and in many cases, it was read out to an uncomprehending populace. In some instances it was read: to barren beaches and empty villages long after the indigenous people and communities had left; to prisoners after they were captured; and even from the decks of ships once they had just spotted the coast. Nevertheless, for the conquistadors it provided a religious justification and rationalization for attacking and conquering the native population. Because of its potential to support the enrichment of the Spanish royal coffers

The courts and governments TODAY appear to work on the same principle as the “requirement” to absolve themselves of guilt and liability for the orchestrated removal of natural rights of millions of people.

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