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This section will contain as much information about the court cases that have happened recently or are under way now that relate to individuals “against” “the system”.

If you know of any court actions, or individuals, that would be valuable to share with others please provide the contact information for the “defendant” please post a comment with the info here……..CLICK

The most valuable lessons come from live court actions. Please share your story so we can all move forward.

If you have a story this is what we are looking for:

  1. A simple, point form, easy to follow, chronological outline of events.
  2. A simple, point form, chronological list of paperwork received
  3. A simple, point form, chronological list of paperwork put into court
  4. A simple, point form, chronological list of paperwork  sent to plaintiff
  5. We will review your material and help organize it
  6. We will help refine the story, identify key points
  7. If “defendant” is willing be interviewed reviewing the story
  8. If not, we will present your story for you.

Some Cases to Study:


Please send an email with info and links to info (at) .

ANYONE can complain, sue and WIN. Let’s gather as many examples as possible…learn and DO!

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