Dean Clifford From Jail UPDATE

govt was to protect manDean’ Clifford is apparently STILL being held under very suspicious circumstances and he sounds positive and strong in these audios released a week ago.

The “system” seems to be in a bit of a bind and has resorted to shocking breeches of the “law” with the ultimate desired effect and goal, I’m sure, attempting to wear down the individual and their supporters.

If you beat a “slave” publicly it tends to be a warning heard and obeyed by most other “slaves” – it’s a tried and true formula for maintaining order. Sometimes it backfires and makes “slaves” harden their resolve.

Some of those in the “system” really do perceive they “own” you and it is their responsibility to keep you in line, or they know they are so guilty of crimes they will do almost anything to try and cover their crimes up.

Although some of the attitudes, actions and interpretations Dean or his followers may engage in, I don’t agree with, it is NOT OK to do as is being done to Dean. It is absolutely akin to political prisoner tactics in other supposedly less free countries than Canada.

The illusion of freedom and legitimate authority is wearing thin in many ways.

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Claim of Right No Longer Available??

nosobaadMany people have taught and applied the “claim of right” law principle over recent years which WAS clearly laid out in the Criminal Code (Canada). Well it is mostly GONE. That’s right GONE, but not completely.

AND Notaries in B.C. have been warned by their Association to not notarize any claim of right documents….

The Criminal Code has been changed AGAIN and the “claim of right” sections have been REPEALED as of 2012.

You can blame the “freeman” and guys like Dean Clifford for spreading the word. LOL

NOTE: Remember “they” cannot remove rights because “they” never gave you any rights BUT “they” are bound to RESPECT the rights you have (unwritten rights mostly). A private person’s rights remain intact regardless of what “they” write in their “codes”. “They” deceive because they cannot deny the truth, only hide it…..

You see, when everyday people go read the law and start using it, the guys writing the laws go “OH SHIT!” Then “they” scurry about in their posh offices and re-write and re-number the laws that we the people have discovered do exist and which actually HELP people.

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Divine Province + Dean Clifford Updates Tell An Interesting Tale

oh-shit-cops2It is a natural reaction for many people to initially deny something they did do when they are first accused. They might even resort to attacking the person bringing the information to light.

Denial and attack.

I’m sure most of us have personally engaged, at some point in our past, in this tactic and have witnessed others do so as well.

Many news stories come to light where politicians, lawyers and celebrities get caught in some form of wrongdoing and we get to witness their public exposure, public humiliation, public denials and more play out in the media over and over.

When governments and their agencies are caught in wrongdoing denial and attack are well-worn tactics they use. The consequences often are destructive for the whistleblower despite “whistleblower protection laws”. Exposing the truth of wrongdoing in government, despite the rhetoric of transparency, is seen as going up against the might and financial power of the State, which the agents of the State are then reacting to and fighting to maintain the State’s appearance of credibility and authority.

But at some point enough information comes to light where even the all-powerful State is proven to have broken the law and harmed innocents. The question becomes how does the State deal with the consequences of the exposure in such a matter as to maintain its authority, it’s claimed position of power. Such is the art of diplomacy, although, as recent wiki leaks and other leaks have demonstrated the art of the diplomacy has also at times sunk into a very low form of “attack to cover up what really is true”.

When the truth is finally FULLY acknowledged by the State actors and they can no longer deny or attack individual whistleblowers what will they do next?


This video kinda sums up how close we may be to the full exposure point: 

Godfrey Bloom: The State is an Institution of Theft – Nov 2013 EU Parliament

There are two cases happening right now in Canada and the United States where the State may be approaching a final stage of “what will they do next” in order to recover from the situation they find themselves in and exposed by.

Previously we have reported on Divine Providence in the United States and Dean Clifford in Canada. Both happen to be sharing a similar fate at the moment.

Dean Clifford, generally acknowledged as one of the leaders of the freeman movement, presently Continue reading Divine Province + Dean Clifford Updates Tell An Interesting Tale

TIPS: Presumptions – performing a function of government

The world of law is full of tricks, traps, word magic, word art and outright deceptive practices.

Are you shocked? I didn’t think so.

Presumptions are one of those tricks which can be somewhat reasonable, at times, but often used for evil purposes. Presumptions, assumptions and to “deem” something, all mean “let’s pretend“.

Unfortunately to the honest, average man this means “its decided” when in reality it is an invitation by the legal wordsmiths inviting you to act to defeat their pretending and therefore end the game, but most people don’t.  🙁

Since almost every legal action is based on this “let’s pretend” game. The power is in your hands to Continue reading TIPS: Presumptions – performing a function of government