US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

gavel+moneyIn what I would call a confirmation of the law, not a NEW ruling, the US Supreme Court One lays down the law for all to see, and USE if you choose.

One of the BIG legal fantasies promoted by governments and officials is the idea of officials’ having ‘immunity’ from prosecution and no liability… so they are not held liable for their corrupt and illegal actions.

Don’t buy the LIE.

Judges are liable, cops are liable, corporate officers are liable, ANY official is liable… when:

1. if they perform any actions while in office, not defined by their office, or

2. actions that are defined by their office but are done in BAD faith or

3. the actions taken are illegal by nature.

Any actions that they take NOT defined by their office or illegal by their nature are considered to have been done outside of their office therefore done in their private capacity and therefore they are fully liable, in their private capacity, without any protections of their office.

Unfortunately this lie of ‘immunity’ is also repeated unknowingly by people, again and again, who have a real case against government officials and therefore do not pursue very valid claims.

A recent US Supreme Court decision clarified and confirmed that the government and their agents can be held liable and accountable for wrongdoing carried out by officials in its employment while on the job. Continue reading US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

Judges’ Requirement to Assist Unrepresented People

Check out this article on the Supreme Court of Canada re confirming what the Canadian Judicial Council went to the trouble of researching and reporting on… the need and obligation to assist unrepresented people, by judges and court staff.

Your rights and your right to justice require them to assist you in court process otherwise the process is void.


RevCan/CRA Operates In Corrupt Concert With PPSC/DoJ: Disclosure

criminals-gone wildFor those of you in battles with Canada Revenue Agency (previously Department of National Revenue, Revenue Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) here is an fellow blowing the whistle on the corrupt practices of CRA and the complicit participation of the Public Prosecution Services Canada (PPSC) and Department of Justice (DoJ).


Anyone unfortunate enough to have fought these entities and their minions knows firsthand they fight dirty and with intent to destroy while NOT following the law they claim to be upholding.

Clint A. Kimery has provided a “Whistleblower’s Document” provided to try and expose some of the underhanded, dirty, illegal, immoral tactics being used. If you don’t understand this stuff make sure your advocate/lawyer/agent does or you will be subject to unrestrained abuse.

The subject Gunner Case introduces a new defence perspective to tax evasion cases that exposes the Agency’s affinity to procedural corruption knowingly condoned by the Crown. This form of procedural corruption Continue reading RevCan/CRA Operates In Corrupt Concert With PPSC/DoJ: Disclosure

WEBINAR: Intro to Equity: Unspoken Fountain of Justice in Plain View

private member’s webinar September 17, 2015

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  1. 0-3:15 INTRO context of and
  2. 3:15 – Intention behind and
  3. 3:45 – FAQs
  4. 9:56 – style of cause overview FAQ
  5. 16:16 – Equity
  6. 18:47 – How I Got Here + What is your motivation?
  7. 24:00 – Equity and Law
  8. 35:00 – Equity vs the Law
  9. 44:00 – private VPN special – privacy as a concept
  10. 48:16 – Q+A
  11. 57:50 – where to find things on
  12. 59:15 – Missouri – 7 min Googling to show Equity exists in Missouri – search your own jurisdiction for your questions.
  13. 1:04:58 – Office of Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada
  14. 1:8:30 – Oaths of office and California Page story
  15. 1:14:43 – Public Guardian and Public Trustee
  16. 1:16:30 – Q + A
  17. END – 1:55:08

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Focus on the Real Issues: The Foundation of their Case

focus magnifying glassI talk to a lot of people about court process on a variety of issues where they are being prosecuted. One of the primary, most important, priority focus, really, really important things I say over and over and over again to each… when speaking or writing… stay focused on requiring proof of the jurisdiction and standing of the party making the claim.

Here’s a good summary: There is almost always no evidence that the person charged was required to act/ to have a licence etc. and there is almost always no evidence the “crown” has any standing to bring a charge before the court…so “they” withdraw (usually after dragging it out as long as possible).

That is real law in action… if you can stay on point. If you can stay on point. If you can stay on point. Make them prove they have jurisdiction, standing and evidence.

There is nothing usually to defend because the claim/complaint is almost always made without evidence (presumptions are not evidence) AND the party making the claim/complaint lacks jurisdiction over the accused and lacks standing to bring the matter before a court.

“They” win usually because people rarely challenge the foundation of the claim/complaint. No foundation equals no case.

The foundation is ALWAYS jurisdiction, standing and evidence. If even one is lacking the case is over before it starts.

Raise these three issues and NEVER Continue reading Focus on the Real Issues: The Foundation of their Case For Action Takers and Money Makers



Be there or be square. Have you been harmed by the wrongdoing of any government official or corporate action in any way?

If so, you can and should complain to the appropriate parties and make a claim for compensation OR ELSE you have consented to the wrong and become a party to the wrong. Continue reading For Action Takers and Money Makers