Authority and Jurisdiction to Make and Enforce Laws…

Comes From OWNERSHIP of The Thing or Property

Which One Wants to Make or Enforce Laws Over


Only the OWNER can Make Laws and Enforce Them.

Who owns You, your labour, your rights? The city, the province or state, the country?

Who owns your property? The city, the province or state, the country?

Or do You? Don’t You have the highest claim of authority?

“Consent of the governed”, delegates YOUR authority to “government”!

Whose job it is to protect your rights.

BUT are the delegated public offices REALLY lawfully occupied?

Does a lawful government exist and operate as it should?

Ownership derives from contract,

informed consent,


and valuable consideration

related to ANY property.

At law, everything is property, even your rights!

A VERY short scene from the TV show “Hell On Wheels” Sums it Up 

Durant: “Senator Crane has come here to offer your people a better way of life.”
Chief: “Better than what?”
Durant: “Uh… better than what you have.”
Chief: “I like what I have.”
Senator: “I understand that. But your people live in the stone age. We live at the beginning of a great industrial revolution.”
Durant: “Chief, the US government is offering you a piece of land, of your own.”
Chief: “We have our own land.”
Senator: “No. It’s not yours. It’s the US government’s.
Chief: “Did they buy it?
Senator: “No…”
Chief: “Did they trade for it?
Durant: “It’s not like that, we…
Chief: “Then how can they own it?
Durant: “If you accept our offer, you won’t have to hunt buffalo anymore, or roam the prairie. You can depend on your country to take care of you.”
Chief: “You are not my country.
Durant: “We will give you everything you need, if you will just submit to living on a reservation.
Chief: “We need nothing from you.

At which point, Durant loses his temper and closes the negotiation. They hate it when you don’t need them, and especially when you tell them directly.


Common law exists in many areas around the world, as does Roman Civil Law.

Yet almost no one uses common law to claim and protect their rights and property!

Almost no one checks to see if ANY public servants are lawfully holding office.

Discover how, why and where…you can hold officials in ANY office to account.

Present day de facto “Governments” have “stolen” the CLAIM to authority and are nothing but corporations taxing and stealing from the people, through legal deceit and manipulation.

The people are treated as legal PERSONS with limited rights who “they” claim “ownership” over and the rights of ownership to through legal tricks, traps, lies and deceit pretending to get your consent to do so.

The people NEED to reclaim their personal authority and property ownership, inhabit the lawful public offices or remain slaves to corporatized, “legal” world which is pretending to have the authority to make and enforce “laws”.

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  1. admin

    Welcome, I appreciate your appreciation.
    You never know who you will run into when hanging out online learning stuff
    I’ll check out your website and feel free to to connect anytime.

  2. Damian Graves

    I have been doing this research for many years sporting through mountains of misinfo, garbage and bloated quasi procedures from people that know just enough to sound convincing and be dangerous. This is the best website I have ever found that covers this kinds of material. Thank you for putting it all together. Anyone that would like to know what else these scumbags have been hiding from us all this is all my website.

    I have only been here a few days and just finished the workshop case study training video. I hope I find some links to places with people at or above my level of knowledge to discuss things on a higher plane than most others are capable of, it is hard to find such places :). 12,000 blessing to all.

  3. admin

    Can I own this computer I’m typing on? Who else has a claim to it? And HOW?

    A bank account is different…it is a service. AND you then say you own the content whereas a moment ago you said you can only “own a claim”?

    IN FACT and Law what you give to the bank becomes their property to do with as they please – you only have a claim to the equivalent value of what you deposited…and if they become insolvent you are out of luck.

  4. Pat

    you can own a claim to a property…. but not ownership itself. For instance..i do not own a bank account, i am a holder of bank account and own the content of it.

  5. admin

    many people have explored that topic – some seem to applied it successfully and others not.
    There is no info regarding that here… yet.
    Do a search for it and you’ll find sources of info.
    Principles are the same regarding private property and presumptions from registering it.
    More than unregistering it it is dealing with police and bureaucrats when they don’t like you doing it because they want control over you and your property….there’s the rub and the risk.

    one day we may get around to specifics on it.

  6. Tamika

    Is there a way to unregistered your property(car, truck, scooter with Dmv. If so where can I find the information.

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