New overview introductory webinar to cover the key concepts and principles of what is a private person and why private person is a status in law you just might want to claim for yourself, …. Feedback from webinar attendees- Wonderful and clear – Tim H.

Very well presented. You made it very easy to understand. Thank you very much. Excellent. – Patricia A.

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This presentation was awesome, thorough and in depth. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in furthering their understanding. – JR

mega thanks – Colin C

Very professional I like the reminder of honourable approach. Thank you – Peter S

The presentation was presented logically and intelligently. I highly recommend attending to anyone even curious about the law and courts. – Ken H.

priceless – juan j.

Thank you for this. It has been the first time that I have listened to your webinar and it has been very helpful. A judge totally behaved inappropriately once and since I didn’t know I had the right to put it on record, when I complained, I got a response from Ottawa, saying the “record” did not show misconduct on the part of the judge. – Thanks!!!You did certainly opened my eyes that there is a lot more I have to learn. I appreciate all who have contributed and researched and came before me, so I may learned. Thank you. – H. G.

Very well laid out information. I would have to go through all the referenced material before I would share it with others. I plan to re watch this webinar a few times and research on my own as well. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated! – Curtis B

Good Stuff! Very Clear and Concise – Brent W.

i think all of humanity should know this! – Matt V

Well done webinar, concise and to the point without a lot of fluff; I enjoyed it. –  Martin E.


Many stories tell the tale of hiding a great treasure in the last place you would look – yourself. The legal world as we now know is full of fictions, presumptions, word magic, posturing, fear, doubt, confusion and deceit – that is just between the lawyers, never mind non-lawyers and the legal system.

After studying, researching, testing and talking about ‘natural person‘ and ‘private person‘ for over 14 years now having gone down a lot of different paths, theories and concepts – we keep coming back to this one idea – private person.

Most lawyers, if you asked, used to admit immediately, or after a pause, they did not know what a natural person was. Yet it is in their own dictionaries and is defined as a man/human being, the foundational power in law – but few lawyers know this foreign idea.

Municipalities in Canada have sometimes been given the “powers and capacities of a natural person” so that must mean something. Of course, now, many lawyers, notaries and “journalists” have bought the propaganda of what “the system” wants them to believe about natural persons – at the same time scaring them away from the concept – do not investigate!!!

“The system” is actively instilling fear in their people should any “citizen” raise the issue, use the term or claim to be one.

WOW…they are scared. What are they so scared of?

This site was built to dig deep and wide into this idea of ‘private person’ / ‘natural person’ and concludes that ‘private person’ / ‘natural person’ is the hidden golden nugget of truth, which the system used to pretend did not exist (yet it clearly did). Now Judges routinely threaten arrest warrant (or psych exam) for any “accused” who claims the status ‘private person’ or ‘natural person’ – what changed?

MANY freedom folk disparage the whole idea of any type of ‘person’ as being BAD.

Other freedom folk claim ‘natural person’ was a loophole that was closed.

That’s what changed? uh, nope.

Methinks they protesteth all too much, out of fear or mistake.

Like a magician waving his arms to distract, or the man behind the curtain pulling strings and creating imaginary, scary images for you to see and cower before, private person is the power in law you always had, was hidden from you, hidden from most lawyers and now everyone is taught to fear.

Yet it is only a man in law, the true power in ALL law. Without “the real” there can be no power in the fiction. “They” need you yes, but have you been steered off the true path by deceit, or misunderstanding? Does it matter how?

Here’s a video invite from Glenn, who will be joining jd on the webinar, and his thoughts on the private person information:



You might want to take another look, a fresh look, there might be something here for you of benefit, the foundation, the rock that fiction is built on.

Join Glenn Winningham: house of Fern and’s “jd”, on a live webinar to hear about the legal term and lawful status at common law known as “private person”.

“jd” studied Glenn’s material online and is aligned with much of it, referring people to his material over the years. Glenn previously was a staunch “avoid the term person” kinda guy but new information he was exposed to at opened his eyes to the potential power in this powerful status – the why and the how. People love Glenn’s no-holds-barred-kick-ass-attitude and within weeks of being introduced to this material he began integrating it into his own paperwork.

Glenn’s open minded, constant search for the truth and what really works allowed him to reevaluate long held understanding and beliefs about “persons” after studying this information.

Replay of  Dec. 11, webinar here:

The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

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Follow up webinar:


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  1. admin

    What you fail to tell people is you have not researched this information on THIS site with an open mind. You in fact support the “system” in scaring people away from “natural person” without understanding it’s true meaning.

    EVERYONE knows person root word is mask – if you ACTUALLY watched, listened and evaluated NEW ideas to challenge your existing OLD beliefs you might have heard/read over and over on this website that EVERY system of law IS a FICTION of man – to exist in ANY FICTION of law a man needs to be recognized, have standing/status which in common law is “private person”. NOW, as a “private person” you can use the courts for your protection and go after the criminals using the courts in ways they should not be used.

    “THEY” are ALWAYS moving us OUT of common law….do you ever wonder why? Do you ever wonder how to STAY in common law? Claim private person status.

    I find your constant bashing/attacks of people extremely unChristian and destructive to genuine knowledge seekers. You have no clue about the REAL facts around lindsay and Kennedy and Sydel decisions from a legal interpretation point of view. Your understanding is SERIOUSLY flawed and you claim to KNOW the truth.

    I find it hilarious that people point at “natural person” decisions like lindsay and Kennedy and Sydel and claim “SEE natural person is a scam” when out of the other side of their mouths they say judges are corrupt and decide things unfairly – except “natural person” cases!!! THEN, where there is success – ignore it – just a technicality…..

    Have you EVER considered that ANY law issue raised poorly, improperly or in the wrong venue can appear to “lose” but does not make it wrong because it needs to be done correctly? How many cases are decided then overturned at appeal? Some even overturned again. MANY people who should appeal do not, or cannot, even though the conviction WOULD have been overturned.

    With respect, if you ARE SERIOUS about speaking the truth to others study the information on this website – really with an open mind – THEN come give your INFORMED opinion. If you disagree after that then fine – we are all entitled to have our opinion and share it with others PEACEFULLY.

    NOTE: Anyone really expecting a Provincial Court to issue ANY decision confirming your freedoms and power is delusional. It does not and will not work like that.

  2. Edward-Jay-Robin Bondservant

    What Glenn does not tell folks and he sure knows is that The Romes International Court Criminal Statute has a section offering the court full jurisdiction over natural persons. Section 25..He also fail to tell you that CRA have sent in dummy cases to lose the natural perrson argument Like David lindsay and Tom Kennedy and Edith Sydel and set precedent already on that red herring ..He also fails to tell you that the Vatican the Queen and the false Jews running the banks for the Vatican know that the word person means a mask worn by an actor and if you use it or show respect to it your a sinner according to the Bible the Queen swore to defend in Deuteronomy 1:17,10:17,2 Samuel 14:14, Matthew 22:16 Acts 10:34 Romans 2:11 and the big kicker James 2:9 …Glenn is quite deliberate in deceiving folks by not telling them this just like he tries to teach folks common law is God’s law.That is a blatent lie and Glenn has seen the proof about that as well as his natural person scam he and his fellow false info disseminators are pushing…These creatures have an agenda and it is not to help you!!

  3. admin

    not sure how to download it I hear some do tho.
    Yes the CRA is pushing ahead with tax evasion charges in many cases – because they can expect to win because people are unable to properly challenge the OBVIOUSLY flawed and false claims by CRA. The win by default effectively because they can NOT because they are right.

    This is major issue – you may be 100% correct in what you did but if you cannot defend your actions or defeat CRA’s false presumptions you will lose probably. This is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle they can’t afford to admit or lose publicly.

  4. dave

    is it possible to download the video or audio for furure review. some very good info but worried that tax evasion charges where continued to be laid against people .

  5. admin

    You should object to their improper behaviour for 2 key reasons: put them on notice you will not be bullied quietly and second you create on the written record the evidence you need to properly and ethically complain about their improper behaviour from the bench.

    Most will stop when you calmly state your objection and describe the SPECIFIC behaviour and and how it makes you feel so that it clearly tells a story in the transcript of what happened. If you don’t describe the action, tone of voice, volume of voice etc and how you feel disrespected, threatened etc. then the record will not show it as having occurred and your complaint later is not supportable.

    The Stand Strong In Court Webinar goes over this process in detail

    Congrats for standing in there.

  6. Joseph

    When a judge is rude or loud and intimidating or makes his own objections…I have declared for and on the public record that the judge has abandoned the bench, and has entered the executive branch. He will then over rule you, so you object to his ruling on and for the public record. He knows he screwed up the case by his own improper actions. He most likely will continue over you public objections with the trial, which gives you more time to destroy their status, standing and to pile more information into the record. Conclusion… Judge refused to render a jail sentence, which he could have for 120 days and pleaded with me to pay court costs ($3000.00). I said I had no way to pay. Also I did tell the judge any jail time was a death sentence because I will never sign any paperwork, or eat their swill. And the record shows that is true.

  7. dave

    hope to learn something new and to have some experiences of the actual power and use of the knowledge

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