Propaganda Alive and Well

I drafted this post August 30, 2010 and decided not to publish it until I saw this second video.

My hesitation was based on the total lack of “good” news about what Libya was like before it was attacked by NATO. I couldn’t understand/accept the story of how “good” Libya was based on all the recent media coverage I’d been exposed to, in spite of what I already know about the mainstream media….hmmm.

What is the truth of the situation?

Here’s the video I just viewed and you can read the post below it and the video I didn’t pass on because… I wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure, butI believed the media story first. Silly me?

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Fraud by Lawmakers? Secret Powers? Toronto G-20

The infamous G20 summit in Toronto with over $1 billion dollar price tag has been exposed for more naughtiness on the behalf of government lawmakers.

It seems that some laws passed and enforced during the G20 have been proven to be:

  1. 1. different than what the government publicly “promotes” it to be,
  2. 2. operating in secret
  3. 3. misapplied and misinterpreted to serve private interests
  4. 4. used to instigate violent police abuses against innocent people.

Are you shocked? Surprised? Or just, yawn…what else is new?

Check out this video and the article reporting below:

Its nice to have verified, public acknowledgement that the “powers that be”

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Privacy rights, taken away or given up?

Maybe the State doesn’t take our rights away?

Maybe as the article below claims “we have only ourselves to blame for the shrinking of the concept of “reasonable expectation of privacy””. This, in my opinion, is a very valid view.

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