I drafted this post August 30, 2010 and decided not to publish it until I saw this second video.

My hesitation was based on the total lack of “good” news about what Libya was like before it was attacked by NATO. I couldn’t understand/accept the story of how “good” Libya was based on all the recent media coverage I’d been exposed to, in spite of what I already know about the mainstream media….hmmm.

What is the truth of the situation?

Here’s the video I just viewed and you can read the post below it and the video I didn’t pass on because… I wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure, butI believed the media story first. Silly me?

Oh how the world turns on State manufactured propaganda.

Law is meaningless when power brokers seek power and robber barons seek riches.

Most people believe those days are a thing of the past. I know I did…but it is SO obvious now for those who actually look and question, that it never left us….and what slumber we’ve been in not to see it (or are we that good at denial?).

It was more subtle in past years. I think there was a lingering sense of honour amongst thieves and a lingering believe in the idea that there are limits.

I think the power brokers and robber barons are in a feeding frenzy of greed and destruction and all sense of reality or caution are gone.

In a new world of instant communication and mass PRIVATE media outlets available for the first time, another view of the “truth” is being told and people are waking up to the fact that not all is as we have been told by “our trusted” media pundits and untrusted politicians.

A previous post here was about “You can’t believe what hear or see anymore”. It was a slightly tongue in cheek article pointing out how easy it is to manipulate the “facts” whether video, photos or reporting.

I’ve heard there was an alternative view of what was happening in Libya and why. I must admit I was sceptical despite my awareness of how corrupt the media and political storytelling is, and can be.

This info on Libya I find SHOCKING (shockingly good), but hard to believe based on all the bad that has been bombarding us about Libya and its “weird” leader.

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it. I’m seriously reconsidering my disbelief as I recognize that the suggested reasons for the attacks on Libya and its leader are exactly the reasons Libya may be a key target to destroy by the “powers that be”, with the corresponding media propaganda to “inform” you and me who the “criminal” was to justify ANOTHER unjustifiable, illegal war.

Watch this and tell me what you think. Could it be true?

Could the truth be SO FAR removed from the stories we’ve been fed over and over and over about Libya and its leader?


My big question is why didn’t we hear more about how great Libya was BEFORE this all happened? If all this was true it should have been promoted and held up as an example of what could be done. Was it and we, in the “west” were never informed?

I’m moving to find out a bit more about what the nature of Libya was before the “attacks”. If this info holds up this is a HUGE clear indication of the true nature of the “powers that be” and the level of shear evil that they are capable of, again.

Will we ever learn or are we that frightened of the truth?

The next question may be….”What will happen next?”

BELOW: 2 PDFs to download – one a UN report the other is Qaddafi’s “Green Book” with his plan and ideas for Libya and Africa’s growth and prosperity.



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