Divine Province + Dean Clifford Updates Tell An Interesting Tale

oh-shit-cops2It is a natural reaction for many people to initially deny something they did do when they are first accused. They might even resort to attacking the person bringing the information to light.

Denial and attack.

I’m sure most of us have personally engaged, at some point in our past, in this tactic and have witnessed others do so as well.

Many news stories come to light where politicians, lawyers and celebrities get caught in some form of wrongdoing and we get to witness their public exposure, public humiliation, public denials and more play out in the media over and over.

When governments and their agencies are caught in wrongdoing denial and attack are well-worn tactics they use. The consequences often are destructive for the whistleblower despite “whistleblower protection laws”. Exposing the truth of wrongdoing in government, despite the rhetoric of transparency, is seen as going up against the might and financial power of the State, which the agents of the State are then reacting to and fighting to maintain the State’s appearance of credibility and authority.

But at some point enough information comes to light where even the all-powerful State is proven to have broken the law and harmed innocents. The question becomes how does the State deal with the consequences of the exposure in such a matter as to maintain its authority, it’s claimed position of power. Such is the art of diplomacy, although, as recent wiki leaks and other leaks have demonstrated the art of the diplomacy has also at times sunk into a very low form of “attack to cover up what really is true”.

When the truth is finally FULLY acknowledged by the State actors and they can no longer deny or attack individual whistleblowers what will they do next?


This video kinda sums up how close we may be to the full exposure point: 

Godfrey Bloom: The State is an Institution of Theft – Nov 2013 EU Parliament

There are two cases happening right now in Canada and the United States where the State may be approaching a final stage of “what will they do next” in order to recover from the situation they find themselves in and exposed by.

Previously we have reported on Divine Providence in the United States and Dean Clifford in Canada. Both happen to be sharing a similar fate at the moment.

Dean Clifford, generally acknowledged as one of the leaders of the freeman movement, presently Continue reading Divine Province + Dean Clifford Updates Tell An Interesting Tale

The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town

The Best Explanation of CAFR Yet

Quickly learn and understand what the hidden asset game in government bookkeeping is and why you should care.

Have you ever wondered why government seems to HELP corporations make more profits at ANY cost and with little to no enforcement of the law? It appears that it is partially because government secret funds profit when the corporations profit.

Have you ever wondered why mega-projects always go over budget?

Do they really need to keep raising taxes? Have a listen….


Other posts on CAFR on this site:

 Show Me the Money, CAFR

How You Are Mind Controlled

Two power house Canadian and UK AFRs:

For Canada Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Report”

For the UK Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Statement”

Canada has a CAFR for their local governments but in Canada it is CAnFR (Canadian Annual Financial Report) and a few examples can be found here –

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Retroactive Tyranny Justification




[The following is a written adaption of a talk given by Larken Rose in Philadelphia, in front of Independence Hall, on July 4th, 2009.]

Two hundred and thirty-three years ago, in Philadelphia, a bunch of
guys got together and wrote a letter to their king. The letter was
very eloquent, and well thought out, but it basically boiled down
to this:

“Dear King George,

You’re not the boss of us!


A Bunch of Troublemakers”

That’s essentially what the Declaration of Independence was: a
bunch of radicals declaring that they would no longer recognize the
right of their king to rule them, at all, ever again. They went on
to create a new boss, which turned into a new oppressor, but we’ll
get to that in a moment. First, Continue reading Retroactive Tyranny Justification

Your Brain On Regular Programming, Who Commands You?

Learned helplessness: The war for control of your mind, actions and life.

Everyday we are BOMBARDED by messages from every direction, every message trying to influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.These messages are designed to influence you.

(make sure to watch the video below “Who Commands You?”)

If you don’t censor what goes into your mind you will end up being controlled by the programmers of those messages. If you don’t decide for you….others will decide for you and command your actions. What programs reside in your mind right now that you don’t even no about.

Do you have automatic responses to certain ideas or circumstances? Those are installed programs running your life for you more than likely.

Have you learned really well the following programs:

  • “you can’t fight City Hall”
  • “understanding the law is to complex for me”
  • “I need a pill to feel better”
  • “I can’t do it, I need the help of a licensed expert”
  • I can only trust the help of a licensed expert”
  • “you need a license to do that”
  • “you can’t do that, you’re not allowed” Continue reading Your Brain On Regular Programming, Who Commands You?

oh the horror

It can’t be true. We live in the greatest country ever. Our government takes care of people…..

It continually amazes me the things people jump to defend. I guess its easy to do when evil acts far away from us and we only see hints of it from time to time as freedoms slowly erode away more and more.

Guess who makes the laws that rule us, run the courts that punish us and govern the masses to control us….mostly lawyers and lawyers who are politicians. hmmmm.

Ask almost anyone if they trust politicians or lawyers. You’ll get close to a unanimous NO (yes there are a few exceptions). Its been like that for THOUSANDS of years from before the time of ancient Rome and Greece two of the most disliked and distrusted groups has been…politicians and lawyers.

Why? They should be honoured, revered positions of trust, but they are more often than not treated as far far less. Apparently wealth and power are more enticing than an honourable and noble life of upholding the law and serving the greater good (surprised?). Would YOU do it better?

These two groups (often really one group) only  run things poorly as long as the rest of us let them. If they aren’t doing a good job FOR us Continue reading oh the horror

Natural News Updates


NaturalNews.com is a very good website offering commentary and reporting on many issues health, freedom, politics and more. The reporting seems to be of high quality and very topical. I recommend you check it out and subscribe to their email list to get their news summaries (link at bottom).

Raw milk: good enough for the Queen but prohibited for YOU. They have a new article on raw milk which made headlines in Canada with a trial in Ontario. The raw milk issue is not about raw milk really, its about what right does the government have to prevent people accessing their foods of choice?

A writeup on raw milk published inThe Globe and Mailback in 2010 explains that Queen Elizabeth personally drinks raw milk, and that when her grandsons Harry and William were students at Eton College, she went out of her way to smuggle it in for them as well. The Queen apparently recognizes some value in raw milk beyond what health authorities are willing to admit. link

When private people choose something which harms no one, the government has no say, period (in legal theory). Do you find it a little disturbing the idea that the government knows better what THEY will ALLOW you to do, than you have the freedom to do, and YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER without being labelled an “offender”, fined and possibly prosecuted?

If you want a say in what choices you make and Continue reading Natural News Updates

Wake Up Programming

The media is used to “sell” ideas, beliefs, politics and more. Audio and video combined is a powerful tool to program someone’s mind…for good or evil.

Having both sides of the story and some basic critical thinking skills (can you see the problem coming?) empowers you to be whole instead of broken and in pain.

Here’s an excellent film that covers many, many aspects of where we are and how we got here…all in one place. Even if you’ve seen much of this info before review it and pass it on to help wake up a sleeper or two!