The Best Explanation of CAFR Yet

Quickly learn and understand what the hidden asset game in government bookkeeping is and why you should care.

Have you ever wondered why government seems to HELP corporations make more profits at ANY cost and with little to no enforcement of the law? It appears that it is partially because government secret funds profit when the corporations profit.

Have you ever wondered why mega-projects always go over budget?

Do they really need to keep raising taxes? Have a listen….


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Two power house Canadian and UK AFRs:

For Canada Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Report”

For the UK Google: “House of commons” “Annual Financial Statement”

Canada has a CAFR for their local governments but in Canada it is CAnFR (Canadian Annual Financial Report) and a few examples can be found here –

Canadian Component of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Web site


Alberta GFOA
British Columbia GFOA
Ontario MFOA 

Canadian Award for Financial Reporting (CAnFR) Program


From West Vancouver’s Annual Report – notice who is the highest authority…YOU. You are their master, they are your servants.

If I’m reading the report right West Vancouver has Accumulated Surplus, End of Year 2010  $406,129,496 (four hundred and six million!). That’s a bit of spare change. Maybe there is even more?

Notice who is the REAL boss of “them”? You.




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