I had no interest in history, politics or law for decades. The slave-training-educational-system had done its job fairly well (apparently not well enough because it wore off 20 years ago and I always questioned it).

One big aha moment came not too long ago (duh!), that was me really, really, really getting the fact that this whole legal-power-over-people-game has been going on and been developed over THOUSANDS of years.

It is hard for the average individual to “buy into” the idea that the power structures in control have been planned and that “good” people would participate/cooperate in massive fraud and theft voluntarily. I understand that.

One reason why, may be, that we have been trained for instant gratification and living month to month. It becomes unfathomable that ANYONE could plan for events to unfold over generations, never mind that those plans are evil and destructive nature.

If you step back and notice the number of organizations that are centuries or thousands of years old, like monarchies, religions, secret societies and more they have stayed intact and still influence society in big ways. How do they do that?

We hear bits and pieces of history but never in context. I have heard bits and pieces about how the Roman Catholic religion has been banned at various times over history. Really?

And that lawyers have been banned at various times in history. Just read what is written about lawyers in the bible and its amazing that not only are they still around they effectively run so much of the world.

The Jews have been given a very hard time too at various times in history but they remain well organized and maintain a huge influence in societies around the world even after all the centuries of difficulties. Amazing.

I never knew the background as to why certain groups have been targeted, hated, banned or vilified at times. Is there any real justification for attacking these groups or is it just scapegoating done by the powers-that-be?

One thing to keep in mind is that the world as we know it is the result of millennia of wars and power struggles between ruling classes fighting over regions to rule and profit from commercially. Local populations were either slaughtered, enslaved or made to pay tribute (taxes) to the conquering nation. Has anything really changed?

I’ve now seen a number of videos going over the “real” history of the Roman Catholic church and I admit it is a bit shocking at first. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows depicting the power struggles, backstabbing, espionage, war mongering and abuse of populations. Who knew that all that was historically based?  😉

Here’s a interesting video that does a good job of telling a story (or one perspective on history you may not have heard).

The point of watching this history is to come to the awareness that there is a plan, there are people pushing their agenda forward and they probably do not have your best interests in mind.

You might want to wake up to the reality and withdraw your consent, which is only given because you don’t understand the game that exists to control you. Then again you may not. Ignorance is bliss…..until they come for you.

The video starts a bit slow discussing Prince Charles but gets into real interesting history around 25 minutes in.

34 – Rekindling the Reformation – Walter Veith


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