Recording of live webinar success story.

This is a recording of a follow up webinar (to the H4J:IA course) to discuss the success of the conditional acceptance process used “against” a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit proposal and assessment that was 18 months in process up to the appeal stage.

The CRA assessment was withdrawn 7 days after the conditional acceptance was faxed to CRA office in May 2012. within the time deadline given in the conditional acceptance.

We go over the steps and paperwork leading up to and concluding with the successful application of conditional acceptance process. (paper work being link below – accessible by members)

Bob was a participant in the Hope For Justice: In Action webinar course [H4J:IA], found here, and he utilized what he learned about honour and dishonour and conditional acceptance to get CRA to withdraw their assessments against himself and 4 others (assessments of over $100,000).

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  1. admin

    absolutely – anything and everything – even when your partner asks you to do something 😉

    it is the basis of good, fair, honest communication

  2. Cheryl

    Very Interesting. This process seems like it could be adapted for many different situations where a demand for some kind of action is being placed upon someone.

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