I am bringing to your attention an article that I think is worth reading and passing on.

The message may be shocking, but not surprising, because even if one is in denial they know these statements to be true.

It certainly isn’t “politically correct” but most truth is not because being “politically correct” was created, promoted and enforced by those who wish to hide the truth.

As a famous movie line say, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”.

Or can you?

The most notable property of this propaganda and engineered influence is that people who are routinely and deeply manipulated by this propaganda have no clue that they are.

Read the whole article here (excerpts below):

NOTE: The Mayan calendar “end of the world” lie was told to increase the fear or instill the “what does it matter” apathy into certain folks. It never was an “end of the world” prophecy but a marker in time when a 26,000 year galactic cycle came to an end, which means another cycle was beginning  just like “New Years Eve” every year on earth ends a 365 day cycle/trip around the sun. Galaxies have a much larger/longer trip around whatever they go around. At least that is the more reasonable explanation that makes sense to me…..


 Although granted free will, you have been convinced to suppress it

Approximately one-quarter of all Americans have been emotionally manipulated into worshipping a false prophet: Barack Obama, one of the world’s great mass murderers of children who is right now signing off on yet more unarmed drone bombings of innocent children in Libya, Afghanistan, and soon Syria and Iran. You don’t see those children on television, and Obama sheds no tears for them. They are the “invisible” children of the world whose deaths don’t matter to the U.S. media, which celebrates mass violence and deadly wars.

Almost everything you think is real is actually a fabrication. Virtually everything you believe about banking, politics, medicine, the media and even history has been falsified and engineered in order to enslave you in the modern-day version of The Matrix. You have been enslaved so deeply that you do not even realize you’re a slave. You worship your slave masters and beg them to take away more of your money, your freedoms and your very future. You are the product of a centuries-long campaign of cultural manipulation, revisionist history and, more recently, chemical influence.


Open your eyes and look in the mirror, slave

You are a pawn in a grand mind game. You have been imprisoned in a mental construct that is so powerful and elusive that you actually defend the very system which has enslaved you.

You’ve been trained to think that anyone who questions the system is a “conspiracy theorist” or a “kook.” Every strategy of mental influence has been used against you, over and over again: safety in the herd, neurolinguistic programming, fear reactions, prisoner training (TSA), false symbols of authority, false flags and so on.

Like most people, you were born into slavery and you will die a slave. You will not rise above it and declare your free will sovereignty because you have been trained to be a conformist coward. You will, at every opportunity, trade away your liberty for social approval, because you have been taught to believe that the worst thing in the world is to be “different” from the conformist masses.

In essence, you have wasted your entire life — a life offering an incredible, sacred spiritual journey where you have been granted free will, a human body and the consciousness to be your own being — yet you discard all these gifts in your race to be like everyone else, think like everyone else, talk like everyone else and “fit in” without daring to unleash your individuality.

Your soul cries spiritual tears at the wasted opportunity to do something with your life. Your Creator is utterly disappointed but not surprised, as most souls who come to this Earth follow the same comfortably-numb path of conformity and self-enslavement.


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