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  1. admin

    I generally agree.
    The issue usually begins with who specifically stands on this has to stand on it and not waiver.
    Many people do not follow through and therefore get intimidated off the point.
    It also depends largely on who you are doing this to/with/against the judge/officer/lawyer etc. most will not give and inch and test you on your knowledge and ability to hold your position – some with high level intimidation – some more respectfully – some just plain ignore and act criminally knowing that most people will not know what to do and will not pursue them (file complaints/claims/lawsuits)

    It is a bit of the wild west as the court process has been corrupted by people willing to be corrupt in the system.

  2. Paul Aldrich

    So please if this is flawed or you can prove it to be a load of crap please save a lot of people from them selfs because I’m about to go there and try this way because I believe in it but if you have a better insight or can find the flaw then please let me know and the rest of the world know thank u

  3. Paul Aldrich

    Ok this is what Karl Lentz and his side kick Greg are tell in people to do to get there kids back . There was a picture of a pit bull on the heading so I just copy and paste the text so don’t get thrown off ……………………………………….. (Don’t let the photo of the dog deter you from reading this post if you’re dealing with a child abduction (CPS, DHR, etc.), as this post deals with ALL property, and that would include your child, shovel, vehicle, firearm, marijuana, medical marijuana, wrench, bicycle, pet, etc.
    I hear this alot:
    “Seiko, the CITY said I cannot have my Pitbull in CITY limits and they want to take my dog, what do I do?”
    “Seiko, the CITY took my dogs, what do I do?
    “Seiko, the CITY said I have too many pets, or I’m not doing what THEY think I should be doing with my pets and they want to take them, what do I do?”
    “The CITY and CPS are trying to take my kids, what do I do?”
    The CITY OF*** or STATE OF*** says I’m required by law to vaccinate my child, what do I do if I don’t want my child vaccinated?
    Note: If they want you to vaccinate your ‘property’ (child or pet), then you may require compensation. Vaccinations could potentially destroy or harm your property, so make them compensate you for administrating your property. Personally I charge $250 Million per shot, how many would you like to administer today?
    Note: Be sure to see the comments section below
    The problem: These CITY working assholes have made the mistake of presuming your personal-private property is ‘community property’ in which they have some lawful Right to administrate, but they’re in for a very rude awakening once you learn the Law and how to enforce it, especially when you start using that pesky word ‘property’ to describe what they call a child or pitbull within their bullshit book of codes and statutes
    Note: Living in some ‘City Limit’ does NOT bind man to statutes and codes enacted by animal control without fair and just compensation, as slavery and involuntary servitude are against the Law (see Amendment XIII). If they want you to abide by CITY OF*** statutes and codes, then they need to hire you into their corporation as an employee, THEN you will be bound by CITY codes and statutes, but only while you are on the clock and receiving pay to give up your inherent Rights for granted rights and privileges. You have Rights, but CITY employees have duties and obligations. Those duties and obligations are found in CITY OF*** statutes in which they are being compensated to abide by
    THEY are the one’s who may not possess Pit Bulls in City Limits because THEY are the one’s being compensated to abide by the ‘No Pit Bulls’ statutes, not you
    Note: I don’t care what pet/animal it is (horse, mule, dog, cat, goldfish, etc.), you refer to your pet as your ‘property’ in your claim because gov’t has no control over ‘property’. They REALLY-REALLY hate when you use that word ‘property’ to describe your beloved pets
    I don’t care if it is your child, you refer to the child as ‘property’ in your claims. Go to 13h30 of this audio and listen to the very end as a man tells Karl Lentz on his radio show how his wife Nora threatened to charge the STATE $1.00 per second till her property (a child that had been abducted by CPS) was restored and the judge ordered the immediate restoration of her property and the STATE had a “preponderance of evidence” against her.
    Why would the judge go against a CITY worker and order the restoration of my property?
    Me: Because now that you’ve made a claim for your property and if no man/woman can verify a superior claim to that property, and the judge does not order the immediate restoration of that property, he/she now becomes an accessory to the theft/robbery of your property AFTER the fact, and now you can file a CLAIM against them as well
    Here’s a short audio of Karl explaining how Nora got her property restored by simply requiring the restoration of property (Nora’s child):
    If I can find the mp3 recording or other version of this show where Nora’s husband is talking to Karl about that court appearance, I will post it below and replace this dead link. Go to 13h30 and listen to the very end:
    Enjoy http://recordings.talks hoe.com/TC-127469/TS-789922.mp3 (this link has been scrubbed from the internet for some reason )
    If it worked for a child, do you think it’ll work for an animal?
    Answer: Bet your sweet ass on it
    District Court Rules ‘Pets Are Your Property’
    http://www.thedogpress.com/ SideEffects/KY-Court-Rules-Pets- Are-Property_Andrews-0910.asp
    I don’t care if its marijuana, a firearm, a shovel, an automobile, a goldfish, your breath, or even heartbeat. It is your “property” when dealing with gov’t!
    Who is the CITY OF***? Can the CITY OF*** show up in court and verify that your possession of your property (the Pitbull) caused harm, injury or loss to either himself or his personal property? I’ve never heard of a man with a name ‘CITY OF GALVESTON’, have you?
    If some prosecuting attorney for the CITY OF*** brings you up on charges via an complaint on the behalf of his imaginary friend (eg: CITY OF GALVESTON), this is how you turn the tables on him
    https://www.facebook.com/ permalink.php?story_fbid=950170 795050509&id=73 7999312934326&substory_index=0
    Oh, you mean some ‘man’ that works for the CITY OF*** showed up at your house and told you that?
    Can HE himself show up in court and verify that your possession of your property (the Pitbull) caused harm, injury or loss to either himself or his personal property?
    Remember folks: America (just like Canada and a few other Commonwealths) is STILL a Common Law nation. You may do anything you damned well please here as long as you are not harming your fellow man or his property. That would include owning Pit Bulls in CITY limits, or owning more than some CITY code says you are allowed to own, as long as you are not harming your fellow man
    Note: Be respectful of your neighbors and don’t use information like this to make your neighbors miserable, that would be a very un-honorable thing for you to do. Don’t ‘over exercise’ your Right to the point it pisses off your neighbors and community, but don’t allow the ‘nasty neighbor’ that hates everything you do interfere with your Rights with his complaints to the CITY, either.
    Exercise your Rights, but don’t become the community nuisance in the process. No one likes an asshole neighbor
    If some neighbor claims you are harming them, then THEY can file a claim against you and they can bring you to court where they must verify your actions caused them or their property harm, injury, or loss. They need to bring their receipts for damages so you may compensate them if you actually DID harm them or their property, but they must verify with proof and receipts of damages and they must send you a notice/bill prior to actually filing the claims or they have not exhausted all remedy in law on the private side before taking it to the public side.
    The CITY OF*** is attempting to enforce internal employee codes and statutes on you, but unless you are a CITY OF*** employee who is being compensated to abide by the ‘No person shall have more than 5 dogs” statutes, then those statutes (which are not laws) do not apply to you
    If you’d like to learn the con and how to put those pesky CITY OF*** workers in their place, I’d strongly advise you read this and the links within to finally come to understand how they are attempting to enforce internal CITY OF*** of codes and statutes on NON employees of their corporation for huge profits and control of society
    https://www.facebook.com/ permalink.php?story_fbid=950165 995050989&id=73 7999312934326&substory_index=0
    Did you sign into a contract with this ‘man’ or this other entity known as the CITY OF*** giving them the authority to administrate your property?
    Then why the hell is he/it attempting to administrate your property?
    If he wants you to surrender your Pitbull (I mean your property) you REQUIRE compensation in the amount of $200 Million Dollars to surrender that property over to him/it
    If he/it wants your property, you are entitled to fair and just compensation, otherwise it is a trespass on your property, and only YOU may determine what your property is worth to you. If they don’t like your prices, they can screw themselves and go next door and see if your neighbor has cheaper pets for sale
    Gov’t cannot take man’s property without either due process of law (trial with jury verdict), or compensating you for the use of that property.
    Amendment V
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
    If some ‘man’ from the CITY OF*** shows up and physically takes your property at the barrel of a gun, that is robbery. If he takes the property while you are not present, it is theft.
    You file a claim in your local-county courthouse REQUIRING the immediate restoration of your property with compensation due for every second of the trespass from the commencement of the crime till your property be restored.
    When you file a theft/robbery claim, you have just now reported a crime, and someone is about to bear full liability for that trespass.
    Note: You do NOT file a complaint with the CITY or any other gov’t agency. You go to your local-county courthouse and file a one sentence claim against the ‘man’ in his private- personal capacity as a ‘man’, not his CITY OF*** title, but his name (ie: John K. Smith), as no one at the CITY OF*** wants to listen to you complain (complaint), but they absolutely will take you seriously when you file a claim
    ‘i: a man; claim John K. Smith trespass upon myself and my property by way of theft (see Exhibit A); i require an emergency hearing; i require, demand and order the immediate restoration of my property; i require one dollar per second from the commencement of the crime till my property be restored; i require a court of record; i require a trial by jury; i will forgive all debt if my property is immediately restored; i say here, and will verify in open court, all herein be true – your name here.’
    *John K. Smith is the name of the ‘man’ or ‘woman’ in their private- personal capacity as a ‘man’ or ‘woman’. Do not refer to them in their official capacity in your claim, just use their simple name without their titles.
    *Exhibit A is a photo of your property (pets) that should be attached as an exhibit to the back of your handwritten claim.
    *If the property was taken while you were there (by force or intimidation), that is robbery. If the property was taken while you were not present, that is considered theft. Use the appropriate term in your claim.
    *There is a judge on duty at your courthouse 24/7/365 to deal with emergency situations like this.
    *Because the controversy exceeds twenty dollars, you may invoke your Right to a trial by jury if you want take it in front of a jury (see Amendment VII)
    *If you don’t want to take it in front of a jury because it is an emergency situation (your pet is in the city pound and you fear for its life), do not require the jury in your claim, just require the emergency hearing and get it in front of a judge RIGHT NOW!
    Handwrite that claim on a piece of paper and make some COPIES. Go to the courthouse and tell the Clerk you need to file a claim for theft/robbery. She’ll give you the courts standard claim form; use that form for ease of filing purposes only. Fill out the pertinent parts of the form that are required and in the description box write ‘See attached Claim’ and paperclip a COPY of your handwritten claim to the back of their form and have her file it.
    You want to keep the original so you’ll have evidence should the Clerk attempt to change your CLAIM into a COMPLAINT, which would be a trespass on your property, and now SHE can be held liable by filing a claim against her for changing even one dot on your claim. She is not to adjudicate your claim; she is not to do anything other than file the claim, period! She is not a judge; she is not there to act as a judge or jury; she is there for ONE purpose only, and that is to file paperwork brought in by the public.
    And make damned sure she stamps BOTH, the Original and the COPY. You keep the Original so you’re not surrendering your property (your claim) to the court. If you surrender your Original to the court, don’t be surprised when you’re not looking that the Clerk changes your CLAIM into a COMPLAINT, which can be dismissed by a judge, because again – no one wants to listen to you complain, but a judge (no man) can NOT dismiss your CLAIM, that would be a trespass and the judge damned well knows he has no lawful authority to dismiss another man’s claim (property). Only YOU may dismiss the claim!
    You can give them an easy out if you so choose and forgive the compensation you’ve required if they will simply and swiftly restore your property. If not, then take their house and retirement funds.
    Either he or the CITY OF*** can verify a Superior claim to the property, or they cannot, and believe me it cannot, because the CITY OF*** is not a living man who can take the stand and verify anything.
    Make your claim and watch how fast a judge ORDERS the immediate restoration of your property so he himself doesn’t become an accessory to the robbery/theft after the fact.
    Go to my main page and begin your fairly short journey of learning the Law and how to keep these assholes from interfering with your Rights and administrating your property without fair and just compensation.
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