oh-shit-cops2It is a natural reaction for many people to initially deny something they did do when they are first accused. They might even resort to attacking the person bringing the information to light.

Denial and attack.

I’m sure most of us have personally engaged, at some point in our past, in this tactic and have witnessed others do so as well.

Many news stories come to light where politicians, lawyers and celebrities get caught in some form of wrongdoing and we get to witness their public exposure, public humiliation, public denials and more play out in the media over and over.

When governments and their agencies are caught in wrongdoing denial and attack are well-worn tactics they use. The consequences often are destructive for the whistleblower despite “whistleblower protection laws”. Exposing the truth of wrongdoing in government, despite the rhetoric of transparency, is seen as going up against the might and financial power of the State, which the agents of the State are then reacting to and fighting to maintain the State’s appearance of credibility and authority.

But at some point enough information comes to light where even the all-powerful State is proven to have broken the law and harmed innocents. The question becomes how does the State deal with the consequences of the exposure in such a matter as to maintain its authority, it’s claimed position of power. Such is the art of diplomacy, although, as recent wiki leaks and other leaks have demonstrated the art of the diplomacy has also at times sunk into a very low form of “attack to cover up what really is true”.

When the truth is finally FULLY acknowledged by the State actors and they can no longer deny or attack individual whistleblowers what will they do next?


This video kinda sums up how close we may be to the full exposure point: 

Godfrey Bloom: The State is an Institution of Theft – Nov 2013 EU Parliament

There are two cases happening right now in Canada and the United States where the State may be approaching a final stage of “what will they do next” in order to recover from the situation they find themselves in and exposed by.

Previously we have reported on Divine Providence in the United States and Dean Clifford in Canada. Both happen to be sharing a similar fate at the moment.

Dean Clifford, generally acknowledged as one of the leaders of the freeman movement, presently sits in prison on what appears to be a trumped up, nonexistent arrest warrant for failing to attend a nonexistent court hearing, so say Dean’s friends.

The leader of Divine Providence, who went through process of legally defaulting all the organizations and government authorities all the way to the Vatican and claims to have received the position of Peter for the chair of St. Peter as global trustee for the world trust and claims to have been received from the Vatican the physical feel of St. Peter as acknowledgment of this position was also arrested on questionable issues.

This man, James Thomas McBride, was just released from prison after being held for couple of months on what appears to be trumped up charges relating to the filing of specific documentation from the office he claims to hold.  An associate who filed documentation on his behalf was, a short time later, also arrested, on similar charges (I believe).

The details are less relevant than the core issues at the heart of both circumstances. In both there is a core belief and understanding gained by years of research into the legal and political power games that have been playing out for all of us,  for a very, very long time.

In both circumstances the parties are attempting to educate, disengage and/or hold to account the powers-that-be from continuing to engage in domination, false claims of authority over the lives of private people.

There is a worldwide awakening and understanding into the nature of this power game and some of the specific methods and strategies the powers that be utilize in order to play their game and maintain their power.

Bottom line is that the gig is up, many people are figuring it out, people are sharing information, people know that what is happening to them is not only legally and morally wrong but something they just might be able to put a stop to.

The-powers-that be are afraid of violence against themselves but the vast majority of people, I believe, have no interest in violence as that is the tactic of the powers-that-be not the people themselves who wish to live in peace and in honour.

If you were publicly exposed for a wrongdoing what would you do?

If a government is exposed for a wrongdoing what will they do when enough people know, and say no?

A key concept keep in mind is that the government is a fictional idea. A government is nothing more than private individuals who have taken on the cloak of official authority individually and as a group.

As with any real change it only comes with the education and honourable actions of individual people whether they are inside or outside the government.

The hope is that enough people inside the government and enough people outside the government see the dishonour, acknowledge the dishonour and work together to bring the system back to honour because the system, the government, is only as honourable as the individuals within it.

Failing that, any system of government is only as honourable as the individuals outside the government hold those inside the government accountable for through exposure, removal from office, and properly evidenced court proceedings.

It’s called the rule of law. What a concept.

Latest News on Dean Clifford – http://deanclifford.info

excerpt December 4, 2013 – Dean has been in court every day since his arrival to the Winnipeg Remand Centre since his kidnapping on Nov 24th.

He has not been allowed to speak at court hearings in which they have been scheduled right at the end of the day and with limited time. After adjournment, he is escorted back to his cell.

Divine Province website – http://DivineProvince.org

An Update Letter From James McBride Upon His Release From Prison Covering The Process We Are in Now of Resetting the Game:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings DP members! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as we all have a great deal for which to be thankful. Although it has not been all fun and games this has been an incredible year of great progress. We have come a long ways in educating the public servants who enter our lives, with or without our consent. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that positive change is indeed happening in the world. We are beginning to BE the change we seek and the world around us is beginning to reflect that new reality back to us. The change is not instant as so many would like to see as we have been accustomed to demanding instant gratification …… without the work. We tend to forget that the outer world can only reflect what is within ……… that we must change before the outer world can change …… but, we are learning!

Our Latest Great Adventure

AS many of you know Rob and I have been on yet another great adventure ……. A test of Initiates, if you will. Along this path I have learned that before making that leap to a higher level …… before ascending to that next level, there is that dreaded Final Exam. They seldom are fun as they bring to the fore front all of the issues we have been working to tame. All of those fears and doubts we thought done and gone come up, one more time to see if we really have dealt with them. This great adventure has been no different, except, that it was a test for a great deal of the DP members as well.

We have seen many who when faced with those fears and doubts have tucked their tails and run for cover …… and that is OK. Everything in its own time. This is not a competition with winners and losers. It just IS what it it is. Another test. Many have faced their fears and doubts with gusto……… accepting them for what they are, False Evidence Appearing Real, and released them back to the Universe and then stepped up to the plate to hit the ball out of the park!

We Are Ascending!

I am so proud of all of you! This has not been a very fun year! We have all been faced with our demons! The Universe has given us repeated opportunities to look at our issues ….. to see them for what they are. We are choosing to simply release them back to source. We are all learning to love ourselves more with each and every test we face. We are all learning to let go of all of the toxic debris we have too long carried around in this world. And, as we release that old baggage we have become lighter …… our inner light burning brighter. We are indeed ascending………. And in the process we are Becoming the change we seek in the world. As we clear and cleanse we are creating ourselves anew! We are Becoming the new world! We are indeed Master Creators of realities!

Grounding the Energy of Saint Peter

Rob and I understand that we are here to ground the energy of Saint Peter into the 3D world …… to ground the light and energy into the justice system. You may have noticed that the justice system has become a bit …… DARK ….. in serious need of change. Our Notices have left their mark on the system. They have and are making a difference ….. one Notice at a time ….. one person at a time. The time has come for us all to, with specific intention, ground the energy of light and change into the 3D world.

Rob and I have volunteered to enter the Lion’s Den and spread our light from within to expose the corruption and bring the truth into the light. And, believe me, all is being exposed! The Powers involved are now trying to figure out how to gracefully get out of this mess they created. They thought this would be a slam dunk for them. They thought that the DP members would crumble and run throwing Rob and I under the bus leaving us to fend for ourselves. They got quite the surprise! Their little gamble has turned into a hot potato that has stuck to their hands like hot plastic! And, although that pesky fear has crept into all of our lives, we quickly threw it off and allowed our light to shine ……….. transmuting the darkness into light.

We now realize that we have been given a wonderful opportunity to make a huge, positive change in the world for all of us! We know that, on a Soul level, we chose to sacrifice at this time for the best and highest of the all. We understand that everyone is hurting ….. that change is not coming as fast as we would like to see. We know that the Dark Forces are making that final, desperate push to overcome the light … or better said, to compel us, through doubt and fear, to overcome ourselves for only we can place that shade on our light ….. only we can dim that Divine Light within every one of us. They have no power over us, except that which we give them!

So, I am now out of the gulags with a fine new bracelet complete with GPS. I feel confident that I will soon return it back to source as well. Rob is still sleeping on a slab of steel, transmuting the energy and educating his fellow ‘residents’ of the Cross Bar Hotel.

They really are in quite the quandary as to how to get away from this mess they have created. Rob was an extreme surprise to them ….. they may never fully recover from this experience! He is bringing about a permanent change for all of mankind at quite the personal expense. We are all benefiting from his sacrifice and I ask that we all support him at this time.

Priming The Well Of Abundance

Several of the DP members have been extremely generous in their support for our adventure. For each of you we are filled with love and gratitude!

We also understand that times are tough ……. Money is tight, but, we also understand that we mustbecome abundance and prosperity before our outer reality can reflect abundance and prosperity. We must prime the well of abundance, if you will. We must learn to pay it forward …….. even if it means giving up that one Starbucks latte or Friday night on the town to prime that well.

There were those members who sent cards and letters filled with blessings of love and light to me and ohhh what a difference they made! There were those who held the light …..held the energy in loving support for our efforts. These too have and are making a huge difference. There were those who bravely entered the Lion’s Den to visit me in the gulags, and what a wonderful, uplifting treat that was! There are those who have opened their hearts and their home to Sharyn and I……… I think I have died and gone to heaven!

There have been several who have made phone calls contacting their contacts to gain inside information, to apply pressure on the PTB, to add fuel to the fire ensuring that hot potato got hotter and hotter. There are so many ways to support this great adventure upon which we have embarked. Each has been an expression of love and abundance ….. a priming of the well, if you will.

It is not too late to support our great adventure for which all will/are benefiting. Rob has taken a huge risk and stepped out there for all of us. He understands that this was indeed his free will choice … that this is part of his mission here on this third rock from the sun. He understands that because of his choice, his sacrifice, his incarceration, many others will not have to experience a loss of their liberty in this change. Support Rob now so that we can see him home before the holidays!

Divine Province Website: http://divineprovince.org

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