There’s a theme this week, it seems.

Ideas, evidence, conclusions about why you have to take responsibility for your privacy in order to protect yourself from those who would imply, intimidate, deceive or coerce you into providing your private info that you are under no obligation to provide.

Now why would anyone act in such a way? What will they gain by it?

If you trust they have good intent, nothing much it seems. BUT if you are wise to the ways of the world and history, you will question their intent because there is plenty of evidence that their intent is not honest, and is potentially harmful to you.

I’m probably “preaching to the choir” here but here’s a great summary that should reenforce your present understanding, or lay the foundations. Either way it’s a good reminder.

The age old excuses for prying your private information from you, hinges on two key ideas:

  1. “it’s for your protection” (which means we can’t force you to provide it and you can decline the alleged protection)
  2. “if you have nothing to hide it’s why should you care” (which coerces you to comply because the implication is you are guilty of something if you don’t comply)

Both are “false flag” excuses. Just like these false flag excuses used by governments around the world, throughout history to enlist the support of their citizens to otherwise unpopular goals. Usually war, violence, oppression and control.

There are lessons in history. These are not “conspiracy theories” but conspiracy facts. Historians, government documents and participants agree that these events were manufactured by government to the detriment of their citizens and the world.

“Trust us, we are from the government”. hmmmm

What did little George Bush once famously TRY to say, ” Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Withdraw your support for the lies and manipulation of governments and corporations by not playing their game. Learn your rights and say no to the questions that would invade your privacy if you were forced to disclose but they must get you to voluntarily provide.

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