Be Prepared for Going Into the Lion’s Den

I’ve been talking with a number of people who are preparing for attending court. I’m getting tired of repeating myself, although going through it over and over helps me clarify, refine and simplify the issues and processes, as I see them, so it’s all good.

Online webinar….

If I can, I want to help those who are prepping for court and who haven’t had direct access to my brain (although the Hope For Justice Course is pretty close and if you haven’t watched it yet you are missing out big time, it’s free for Members).  I know that talking to others, who had more experience than me, was a huge, helpful factor in my court adventures.

So here’s the deal, for Members ONLY  (Become a Free Member)….a live webinar where I will review my perspectives on:

Webinar Outline

  1. the court strategies that THEY have prepared for you for your first time in
  2. the one BIG mistake most people make
  3. the SINGLE purpose you may want to FOCUS on
  4. how to stay ON FOCUS
  5. the SINGLE purpose they are FOCUSED on and what you can do about it
  6. tricks and traps the judge and prosecutor may use to “get you”
  7. the idea that you are the POWER the KEY and you are the one who gives them permission to proceed or not
  8. how to make the judge work FOR you
  9. what you can do if intimidated, yelled at, threatened or approached by sheriffs
  10. the two beliefs you can hold in your mind that will determine if you succeed or fail
  11. AND….. whatever the heck I can think of as important

This information comes from over 5 years and hundreds of hours of LIVE court watching and me being LIVE “in the well of the court”, outside the bar, inside the bar and as a gallery witness to dozens of trials hearings and events of minor importance but major lessons. It also comes from over 12 years and thousands of hours of reading transcripts, court decisions and a bookshelf of other crap.

This is as simplified as I can make it, as principle based as I can get it, and as proven as possible….but application is key….substance over form and you are the substance. You need to KNOW THESE PRINCIPLES TO THE CORE OF YOUR BEING and when you do you will speak the right words and take the right actions.

Remember “they” RESORT to intimidation, deception and fraud because THEY HAVE NO POWER, unless you give it to them, because you are the source, the substance.

Come one, come all :-). Tell your friends….BUT only people who are members can attend.

NOTE: You will get FAR more from this webinar AFTER you watch part 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Hope For Justice Course, if you watched it once or attended it live, that’s not enough. Do it again. The course is not perfect but it is sound and valuable still. You must enroll for the Hope For Justice course (it’s free) and you will receive access to a new part every day.

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